Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Yorkshire, Cumbria, Folk Festival and Jubilee

Phew!  Do you think I am going to get through that lot in one post?  Probably not but let's get started.

We've been on the move again.  Last week, and over the Jubilee weekend, my DH's son was playing with his band at a folk festival at Ireby in Cumbria.  Because I don't like doing long journeys in one go we decided to stay overnight in Kendal before continuing to Ireby.  On the way we stopped off in the beautiful town of Knaresborough for a spot of lunch.

This beautiful viaduct is the star of the show below the main town centre of Knaresborough.

There were lots of interesting lines in the boats tied up alongside the path.  The air was alive with mayflies over the water which were having their one day in the sun and dropping onto the water to die.  How sad!

As you walk along the river you are aware of the rest of the town towering above you.  The black and white chequer board pattern seemed to be a theme on several of the houses.

They do quaint here too!

This building was once a corn mill but then became an indigo mill and was included in a painting by Turner.

This is the dye house opposite the indigo mill

I hadn't known a thing about Knaresborough's connection to the textile industry until this visit.

After leaving Knaresborough we travelled on towards Kendal, our overnight stop but had an nexpected stop at Kirkby Lonsdale when we spotted this,

These travellers were on their way to Appleby for the traditional annual horse fair where horses are traded and raced.  The horse drawn barrel caravans in the photographs are beautifully decorated and at one time were the main home of travelling people.  Some still live in them but others have modern caravans too.  You can read about their history here

Devil's Bridge at Kirkby Lonsdale was the beautiful setting for the travellers' rest and is an official site for the duration of the Fair.  It is also a popular spot for bikers who are given priority for parking at the weekends and bank holidays on the east side!

You can't have failed to have noticed that we have been celebrating the Diamond Jubilee over the last weekend.  It does not seem possible that the Queen has been reigning for 60 years.  I am one of the babies that were born in the year she acceeded to the throne and she has been a constant presence all my life.  We didn't attend any festivities but the village where the folk festival was held was all gussied up.

These children performed some traditional clog dancing and sang beautifully.

When we got home on Sunday we watched the splendour of the river pageant (I just loved the Royal Family bopping gently to the Hornpipe), the Jubilee concert and processions yesterday.  Can you tell I love pomp and ceremony and, I'm not ashamed to say, the Queen.  I wouldn't have her life for a pension!

I loved this view of all the brollies in the Mall yesterday.

The rowing craft heading the flotilla down the river.  I don't know how they managed to row that distance.

My Mum was very taken with the Queen's delicate blue outfit (a little more on the green side than my image).

My DH is currently blogging our weekend and the festivities and has some fabulous photos of Kirkby Lonsdale.  I think he's in love!  You might need to scroll down a bit.  He's prolific!

Here's a little taste of the best bits and watch out for the bopping.  It still makes me laugh.  Off with her head! (mine not the Queen's.) The bells on the belfry barge were newly struck for the occasion.

Back soon with music!


Heather said...

Lovely post and wonderful images - I feel I have been there with you. I love the variety of architecture in those places.
The Jubilee weekend was amazing and I admire the Queen's stamina in coping with, and enjoying it all. She is an example to young and old alike.

Sandra Wyman said...

Lots of wonderful things here - I can see how you got to be so exhausted!

Sandra Wyman said...

...and I loved DH's photographs too - very painterly! (Must remember not to cut myself off before I've finished next time)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful photo journal of your travels. I'd missed the hornpipe bopping but glad you pointed it out - it was so cool!!!

Corrine at said...

Wonderful Roman viaducts. You two take the most interesting journeys. And you always share them with us. xox

Cameron said...

Julie, So good to hear from you. Yes, we miss my dad so much. He was such a presence in our lives and it's hard to be without him. I really miss his crazy sense of humor, and our joking on the phone. We had so much fun together just doing silly stuff. My mom just shook her head at our silliness. Just writing this gets me so teary.
I enjoyed you blog, looked like you had a great time. You always have the best trips, makes me envious. Let's keep in touch.
Hugs, Cameron

Maggi said...

You do get to do so much. Glad you had such a good time. I had a great time avoiding anything to do with the jubilee!