Friday, 8 June 2012

Yorkshire etc continued

My last post left you in the village of Ireby awaiting the folk festival.  DH and I had never been to a festival of any kind before so we didn't know what to expect and had visions of Glastonbury and mud up to our armpits!  Happily the reality was very different and wellies were not needed.

Some  people chose to camp and they couldn't have had a more picturesque campsite with a view of Skiddaw to wake up to.  The main performance marquee was also in this field.

Michelle Goulder was the resident artist for the festival and  had made 3D works from zips and plastic washing line.  I liked the installation above, especially the little views you caught sight of as it blew in the brisk breeze.  At various times over the weekend more and less zips had been opened and shut.  As I hate stitching zips I thought this was a good use for zips.

This piece of work was made of washing line,

as was this lovely twirly mobile.  I love the shadow it threw on the tree.

Our interest in attending the folk festival was my DH's son who plays base guitar for an Indie rock group Red Shoe Diaries who I think I have mentioned here before.  They were the second group to perform  and went down a storm.

Rob is in the middle.

Other acts that we enjoyed were a duo called Mochara

I can't embed their video but you can catch it on Youtube here.

In complete contrast to this beautiful Irish inspired music was Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra!

Most if not all of their music is self-penned and they were great fun.

Friday evening came to a foot stomping, clapping, whistling end (all too soon) with the amazing talents of 'Time Gentlemen Please and the Demon Barber Roadshow'.  You really have to watch the video, their skill is admirable,

We had to stand all the way through to be able to see what was happening but you couldn't possibly sit still through this performance!  I would certainly go and see them again just to see the same routine as we missed parts of it and there was so much going on you couldn't take all of it in.  Their blurb says 'Think Riverdance with a false moustache and Stomp with bells on!'

Saturday started at a slower pace musically with performances by 'Tinderbox' comprising Dublin born Monique Houraghan and Dan Tucker

Just as good were Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts whose 'Fleetwood Fair' was very haunting,

Jamie Roberts has a great guitar style with his use of percussion effects.

The local singers from the village, including the Mum of the lead singer of Red Shoe Diaries, made an appearance at the village church and kept us entertained.  I was totally fascinated too by the beautiful stone wall at the back of the church.

Sadly they have not been captured for posterity on Youtube.

Tom's mum made us very welcome when we got to Ireby in her lovely garden with its beautiful views of the fellside.

Oops! I don't have a pic of the views but you may be able to get a glimpse in the background.

There were many other acts that we just didn't get to see and we missed all the Saturday evening as we were exhausted (wimps!) after a very cold and windy day so we adjourned to the hotel (wimps again vbg) to a double brandy and telly.  The whole festival was fabulously well organised and the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly.  I would love to go again next year.


Heather said...

Love the textile installations and the music sounds great fun, all in a beautiful location and I can't get over that lovely sunshine! We've got the heating on and it's still blowing a gale and just started to rain again!

Maggi said...

Sounds fantastic Julie. Thank goodness it wasn't this weekend. The Download festival is on at Donington this weekend and there have been hundreds of very soggy campers there since Wednesday.

Jackie said...

I had to look up what a "wellie" was... Not a term I've heard of, but I know what it is now. :))
Great photos and it looks like a great time had by you and Stewart.
Sending you smiles,

annabel said...

It's a jolly good job us Brits don't let the weather stop us doing anything isn't it. We'd grind to a halt!! I've been to Glastonbury twice and both times were very wet and extremely muddy - thankfully you look a little better off!! Glad you had such a good time, and I envy you going to Yorkshire.

pam said...

Oh wow looks and sounds like you hd a great time

Angela said...

Blimey you have been busy while I've been absent. Your pictures and all the info are great. I agree with you the twirly hanging on the tree is fabulous.

imac said...

A good weekend all round my sweet .

Clare Wassermann said...

my goodness what a wonderful experience.

Lis said...

What a great experience, thanks for sharing it all with us.