Friday, 28 December 2012

A Year in Review

January started with some sadness, although it wasn't the end of the world, my closest friend moved away and a piece of me went with her in the shape of a wall hanging,


we experienced snow and a cold night out in Nottingham celebrating Light Night.


a challenge piece entitled 'Architexture'.


a Shelley Rhodes workshop,

another challenge piece, 'Andromeda ' to interpret 'Time' and

the latest member of our family, Callum, who is now 7 months.


 a still unfinished photo collage made in a workshop with Hilary Beattie.


 we all celebrated the Queen's 60 year Jubilee. 


inspiration in Oslo on a Baltic Cruise.

my entry for Festival of Quilts entitled, 'Change', and

a very informative and enjoyable workshop with Dionne Swift.

time to recharge the batteries in our favourite St Ives.


'Bumpsteads Memories' for the International Quilt Challenge Group.


the highlight of our year, my beautiful stepdaughter got married to her handsome soldier husband.

And finally, December,

a selection of bookwraps for the tombola  at next year's Festival of Quilts.

And Mum enjoying a beautiful calendar of her great grandchildren on Christmas morning.

2012 has been an amazing year with so many momentous occasions, the Queen's Jubilee, The London Olympics, a special '0' birthday for me, a new baby in the family, a beautiful wedding, a new stitching shop in my home town, the discovery of new members of our family in Canada courtesy of the World Wide Web, and happy time spent with family at Christmas.  My best present for Christmas came from my DH's eldest son, who pinched a photo from my facebook page but I forgive him.  Look what he gave me!  A cover for my iPad with my artwork on, how thoughtful is that?!

2012 has been a very busy and exciting year.  I wonder what 2013 has planned for us?  However you are celebrating the changeover from one year to the next I hope 2013 is a Happy, Healthy, Rewarding, Creative and Nurtured year for you all. 

Sunday, 23 December 2012


Not long now!  I'm wondering where I've been all month now that Christmas is knocking on the door.  Our tree is up and the shopping's in, presents are under the tree and visitors are awaited so I must have been doing something!  I have been busy being creative but I'll save that for after the festivities as I'm sure you're all far too busy winding down for Chritstmas.

DH and I are having a quiet Christmas Day with Mum here but visitors are promised for Christmas evening and Boxing Day.  Whatever you are doing I hope you have a very Happy Christmas/holiday season and enjoy your time however it is spent.  Enjoy!

(This should be a Christmas tree but I can't find my photos of Christmas trees, so it's a Christmas Rose instead!  Isn't it wonderful to be organised! ;-)   )