Sunday, 27 May 2012

Needle Weaving

A couple of weeks ago I went across to Unique Cottage Studios near Spalding for their annual Sheep Day.  I got there a bit later than I intended to on a very chilly and gloomy day to find things in full swing.  For some unfathomable reason I didn't take any photos so I will have to direct you to Tina and Angela's blogs.  Do have a look at Tina's beautiful cloth book on her blog.  Her hand stitching is always a work of beauty.

As well as Angela giving dyeing demonstrations and Tina sharing her hand stitching  Wendy  was giving a mini workshop on needle weaving.  No sooner had I arrived than I was put to work learning this technique.

Above is my first attempt and I have to say it is a very straightforward and addictive activity.  In the last couple of days I have started on another piece which I have yet to complete.

This one looks a bit wobbly because I could only find some very thin copper wire at home so until I have it all woven it is a bit flimsy.  The thread is very fine cotton crochet thread and is allowing me to make some daintier holes than the anchor thread allowed.  I can see that this could easily turn into a little carry along project as it doesn't demand many materials and I would love to incorporate some beads.  As Wendy suggests you could use these little plaques in all sorts of ways, as brooches, on bookcovers, on cards, as pendants etc etc.  I shall be sourcing a little box of goodies to keep me busy in idle moments when I'm out and about.
 (This is the existing building where Stitchcraft will be based, plenty of parking too).

On Friday I went along to meet the ladies who are opening Stitchcraft in Grantham in September and had a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours talking about their vision for this new venture.  I did wonder why they had invited me to meet them as I am not a teacher or anything but it became clear that they are keen to meet like minded people and to hear what people would like from this new opportunity.  The premises where the shop and workshops will be is in a modern building with large rooms and a very attractive cafe which offers tasty lunches and plenty of tea and cakes!  Very important when you are planning a quilting/stitching business!  While none of the rooms has yet been fitted out for the shop they have settled on their logo and Kathryn and Christine were very excited by the reality of seeing their business name in lights, as it were.  The website will be up very soon.  

As a result of the meeting I have agreed to go along on the Open Day with some of my work to chat to anyone who wants to listen about my stitching journey.  I'm planning to take some workbooks as well to show people that you don't have to do anything fancy in a sketchbook.  Mine is definitely a mishmash of notes, sketches, photographs and scribbles so not a thing of beauty.  I'm really looking forward to the opening and I sincerely hope the shop will be a great success.  Our town is sorely in need of a good fabric shop and workshops on the doorstep will be fantastic!.


ju-north said...

Looking forward to seeing YOUR name in lights! Great stuff!

Heather said...

Love your needlelace pieces - it is addictive!
The Stitchcraft premises look wonderful. I look forward to hearing about the Open Day.

Emma said...

I'd love one of those near me ;) Lovely little samples, too. Tina's stitching is fabulous isn't it?

Lovely posts below - how did I miss 2 of them?!

Clare Wassermann said...

Super duper opportunities ahead then.

Dot said...

Love your needlecraft pieces Julie. Can see why they would be addictive!
Well done on being asked to speak at the open day - you are very talented and have a lot to share with others xx

Anonymous said...

The needleweaving is lovely Julie and a great little project to always have at hand. Tina's books are gorgeous, thanks for the link. I see great opportunities ahead for you at Stitchcraft.

pam said...

Oh a new shop that sounds exciting for you - somewhere nearer for you to go and share all your knowledge.
Hope you have a good Jubilee weekend.

Angela said...

Sounds like your have a wonderful time. I like your needle weaving it's a slow process but very satisfying, I once made a a flower.

Annette J said...

I enjoy needleweaving and have done quite a bit of it in the past. Glad to see it has a following.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Gosh good luk wiv talking to peepol abowt yor stitchery!

I like yor needle weeving! It's very clever! Duzz it take long?

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

I forgot to say-
we like to watch Bargain HUnt an sumtimes they go to a Orkshun howse in Grantham, an wenever they do, Dilly showts hello to yu!