Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Opening Day Postcript

With many thanks to Ray at Stitchcraft I now have a photo of Wendy's sewing machine cover houses.

I think if I made one it would have to look like a Cornish cottage :o)

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Opening Day!

Saturday dawned a beautiful sunny and warm day and I presented myself bright and fairly early at Stitchcraft Studio for their Opening Day event.  I hadn't really known what to take with me or what to expect but hoped the day would be well attended.

Kathryn and Christine had already hung some of my quilts on the wall behind my area. The second from the right is not mine but is by my friend Wendy Skinner who was also in attendance with some of her quilts and her beautiful sewing machine covers.

As there wasn't much hanging space I laid my journal quilts out on the table and invited people to pick them up if they wanted to.   My portraits of DH and I attracted a lot of attention and laughs, especially as my DH is quite well known locally from his years working at the hospital.

I took a range of work going right back to when I first started stitching and before I had ever thought of making anything with the word 'quilt' attached to it.  I felt quite delighted to have my name in 'lights' LOL

My companion in the studio (one of several workrooms at Stitchcraft) was Wendy Skinner who, amazingly, started me on this journey more years ago than we'd both care to remember when I joined her Painting for Pleasure group.  Both Wendy and I were kept busy all day with a constant stream of people popping in for a look at all the work and for a chat.  I am sorry to say that I don't have a photograph of Wendy's lovely sewing machine cover houses as I had a problem with my camera. but if you have Fabrications magazine from April/May 2012 her pattern is in there.

As we were somewhat trapped in the room with our quilts we didn't get to see any other proceedings in the lecture room and the shop but when we eventually emerged it was to find the shop had been hectic all day and the talk by Dawn Cameron-Dick had been well received. 

The shop looked wonderfully tempting now it was more fully equipped and I came home with a few Valdani threads.

I had hoped to show you how busy the venue was throughout the day but as I said, my camera let me down so the photos above have been kindly supplied by Christine's husband.  Take my word for it, the place was jumping!

To round off the day Kathryn and Christine asked me if I would consider leading one or two small workshops so I am going to give it some thought.  I get very anxious about standing up in front of people or trying to describe the procedures for making something but maybe I'll give it a go.

I mustn't forget to thank Heather and Joe for keeping us supplied with refreshments all day.

So, after all the excitement of the launch day I wish everyone at Stichcraft the very best of luck and success for the future.  I'll see you soon.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Stitchcraft Studio

In just seven days' time a new and exciting venture will open in Grantham and I for one can't wait!  We are going to get our very own quilting, patchwork and stitching centre!   Until now we have had to travel for shopping and workshops but very soon all this will be on our doorstep!  I've blogged about Stitchcraft before when I first went to meet the ladies who are starting it up but it's now looking much more like a shop and the workshop is already in use.

When I called in on Friday Sharon, above, was already  bringing everyone up to speed on the first workshop she is going to be teaching on basic patchwork.

The cafe is lovely and large and airy and is being cleared of its previous occupants to make way for lots of happy stitchers we hope.

Just one side of the shop with its stock of dyes and fabric paints ready stocked and fabrics beginning to fill the shelves.  I had a sneak preview and there are some beautiful, very tempting fabrics on display!

This is where I will be on Saturday morning (8 September), sharing my quilts and sketch/notebooks and talking to people about my journey towards textile art over the last 5 years.  My friend Wendy Skinner, who actually started me on the whole art journey back in 1988 (!) will also be showing her textile art.  Dawn Cameron Dick is giving a lecture entitled 'One Woman Quilt Show' and also a one hour quilting demonstration  so the place will be jumping.

If you live in the East Midlands (UK) or are anywhere near Grantham on Saturday come and give me some moral support and be in on the start of this new venture.  I have no affiliation but I do wish Kathryn, Christine, Sharon and all the tutors who have made a commitment to Stitchcraft the very best of luck and a long and happy stitching future in Grantham.  If you can't come on Saturday please spread the word. (Facebook page for Stitchcraft is here).  These are difficult days to be starting a new business but hopefully Stitchcraft will become a happy meeting place for local stitchers.