Thursday, 19 May 2011

Sleep Tight

On a lovely sunny day we have said our goodbyes to Grace today and I think we did her proud.  About 25 of her friends got together for the service and a few refreshments afterwards and many memories were shared.  It is sad to say goodbye to someone special but we all have lots of happy times to think about and I think Grace would have been pleased with her send off today.  Hopefully she's raising a glass of 'Grouse' and looking back on her long life.  Cheers Grace!


imac said...

Sleep well Grace.
God bless you.
Julie -
You were wonderful today my darling
and you really gave Grace a grand send off to everlasting peace with her loved ones in spirit land.

freebird said...

Glad to see she had so many come for the funeral. At her age there is sometimes no one to come. And then of course, she was lucky to have you as a neighbor so you were there. It sounds like a small nice farewell.