Saturday, 17 October 2009

Sunshine and Showers

Although we were holidaying fairly late in the year we weren't hindered at all by the weather. St Ives is wonderful in any weather and you can easily adapt what you do on any given day. The beach above is at the far end of Porthmeor Beach which sits below the Tate gallery. The blue and white row of buildings are beach huts which would be very busy in the summer. St Ives beaches ( there are at least 5 of them) all have a different character. Porthmeor is mostly a sandy, surfing beach but it peters out into rock pools at this end.

The view above is looking out to sea from Porthmeor.

I think this is my favourite view of the town. I love it when the sun picks out the cottages on the harbour beach. The beach immediately below me is Porthminster Beach, home to the famous Porthminster Beach Cafe. Needless to say, my DH was pleased that the sun didn't shine every day and that the sea got stirred up a bit......

On the day that we had arranged to meet up with Carolyn for a second time we woke to a very choppy sea (probably not at all dramatic by St Ives winter standards) and DH and I stood on the balcony at our cottage (in PJs!) snapping away for over an hour! Mad! But it was fun watching the waves crashing over Lambeth Walk. If you click here you can see my DH's photos which are much more dramatic than my little camera can manage. He's been posting a lot of St Ives photos and a few stories too so you might like to sit a while over there.
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Beautiful photo and what a fun day. Glad your DH got his wonderful shots ... I'll be heading over there when I've caught up with your posts

Carolyn x

JP said...

i love the rough sea too - in fact I just love the sea - was your cottage nice - can you proveide a link please?!
you got some great photos - i got a bit hooked on patterns in the sand too this year!