Saturday, 17 October 2009


Even though we have been going to St Ives for several years and already have hundreds of photographs I still managed to take over 450 more! I still haven't loaded all of them onto the computer yet! Rather than bore you with loads of individual photos I've made up some collages of images that I hope will interest you and provide me with some inspiration for future projects.

Most of the images above were taken on beaches or pathways but the one in the bottom left corner is the wood on the side of the Round House Gallery in Sennen Cove. (More of Sennen in a later post).

I'm sure the patterns in the sand above will come in handy. I just need to find the time to play about with them in Photoshop.

I drew the heart myself but all the other textures and patterns were there for the taking. The Tall Ship in the top left hand corner is the Stavros S Niarchos owned by the Tall Ships Youth Trust. It arrived early in the morning and stayed all day to provide some great photo opportunities while the youngsters got some practice in.

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silverpebble said...

Beautiful collages Julie. I spy rust! Lovely rust. Oof, I do get excited about it. It's great to see your photos and hear little stories about blowy flags and bloggy meet ups x

ju-north said...

Wonderful assortment of images! I wonder if "textil-y" people look for different sorts of images to, say, photographers?


Wonderful! I'm sure as you say these photos will provide endless inspiration for your projects, including the one we talked about ;o)

Thank you for showing us