Saturday, 17 October 2009

Where the heart is

They put the flags out for us when we arrived in St Ives! Well, not really, but it was lovely to see them fluttering in the breeze. We had arrived at the end of the September Festival fortnight so the flags were still flying. I was hoping to be really cheeky and snaffle one as they took them down but I was too late, they took them down on Sunday before I got up! ( I thought they would be so damaged by the wind that they would let me have one, I wasn't going to pinch it!)

Our first evening saw us having fun with swooshing a la Maggie Grey. We had fun and infected several other people with our madness when they saw what we were doing and had a go themselves!

As you know I met up with Carolyn and had a lovely chat over tea and muffins and this little chap decided he'd like some muffin too.

As you'll see below we had all sorts of weather but this shows you that some of it was beautifully sunny and showed the harbour off to its best.
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Gina said...

Feeling very envious of your St Ives holiday. Love the last photo of the sun on the boats and the one with the waves crashing on the prom.

Textile Art Showcase said...

Great place to go - glad yuo had such a good time.


Your photos are lovely. Your love of St. Ives shines through

I will post pictures of muffin bird, too, when I'm back!

Lots of love

kiwicarole said...

gosh have really enjoyed your pics! I'm going to visit your hubby's pics! I love all the fishing boats stranded at low tide!
Carole :}

JP said...

the photos are great - like you two - I just love the sea in all its faces - I love the sound too - was the cottage nice - have you got a link for it