Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Beach Treasures

It will come as no surprise that I enjoyed a spot of beachcombing on our trip to Cornwall. My DH has several photos of me, head down, studying the beach. It is a wonderful way of whiling away an hour or two trawling the beach in the sunshine with the sounds of seagulls crying, waves breaking and children playing ringing in your ears.

I pick up all sorts of things during my rambles and I don't always know what I will do with them when I get home but they all have potential.

This lovely assortment of shells, pottery shards and beach glass will make a few cuffs, don't you think? I may try coating the glass with something (clear nail varnish maybe?) to restore its shine as it shines beautifully when wet. I don't have a glass tumbler or I would tumble it to polish it up.
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ju-north said...

lovely collection! It would be good to compare what we find on different coasts!


Beautiful finds Julie

sharon young said...

What a collection, i thought i was good at beach combing, but you beat me :-)

Heather said...

You've got a lovely haul there Julie. I can't resist beachcombing either and sometimes have things for a year or two before suddenly finding just the right use for them. I have a lovely big piece of driftwood waiting for the right textile hanging to be hung from it.

JP said...

love the collection - I really got into seaglass this year when we were in Scotland - haven't done anything with it yet - I just like looking at it with my shells!!!!!!!!!!!!

imac said...

What a beautiful Head-er you have DW.

DILLY said...

Hewo Julie!
Hewo Mr Julie!
MWEAH! Header be LUVly!
Dilly like awl trezshor.
Awl be takewlar!
Awl be takewlar wiv extra spek!
Dilly mayke joke!


DILLY said...

TAK-KEW-LAR wiv extra SPEK.


Angela said...

Love your collection of beach treasures.

Judy Scott said...

Hi Julie, I love your collection of treasure. How I would love to go to Cornwall and meet up with Carolyn too. Your photos are amazing and I love your collages especially the one with the lobster nets, rusty bits and the heart in the sand. Rachel stayed over night so we had a whole day together it was just lovely ~ thankyou for your good wishes, lots of love to you Judy x

Judy Scott said...
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silverpebble said...

Julie I am swooning. This is the best kind of treasure in the WHOLE WORLD. The blue sea glass is more precious than rubies in my opinion. I need a lie down.

Jacquelines blog said...

I love this!