Thursday, 9 April 2009

Happy Easter & Little Gems

Whatever you are doing this weekend and whatever your beliefs I wish you all a Happy Easter Holiday weekend and hope that you enjoy my spring collage.
If you have some time to spare maybe you would like to make a Little Gem for the Quilters Guild tombola which will be held at the Festival of Quilts this year. All the details can be found if you click on the Little Gems poster at the top of my sidebar, together with lots of examples of quilts that have already been made. Don't let the word "quilt" put you off, these are to have fun with and at only A4 size they are a chance to experiment and try something new. The more the merrier! Have I made any yet? Oops! You caught me! I've just started my first one so I'll post it up as soon as it's finished. Don't forget, you don't have to be in the Quilters Guild to join in. Little Gems are welcomed from anybody. Jump in and have some fun!
Have a great weekend and I'll see you soon.
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Hi Julie, wishing you a wonderful Easter too!! Hope you enjoy your creativity and have a few treats as well. Very best wishes, Carolyn

Gina said...

Have a lovely w/e Julia. Don't eat too much chocolate!

Heather said...

I love your Spring collage and hope you have a lovely Easter too. Just going to take a look at the Little Gems poster but wont make any promises as I've two exhibitions coming up at the end of this month and loads of other stuff to do as well.

sandra wyman said...

And happy Easter to you too Julie - and lots of Little Gems!

sharon young said...

Lovely cheerful Spring collage, Julie.
Many thanks for you lovely comment on my post.

DeeMom said...

Lovely and to you both Happy Easter

silverpebble said...

Happy Easter Julie! Glad you had a lovely time.

As for quilts - I now have my Gran's sewing machine so it's possible, but I think I have A LOT to learn before I'm up to a quilt. I'm so excited about learning though.

Emma x

maggi said...

I do like your cheerful Spring collage. Good luck with the Little Gems. Am slightly ahead of you having sent off two but I will definitely be doing some more as they are fun and there is still plenty of time.


A a wonderfully Happy Easter to you too. Thank you for your comment about why you do what you do...I'm thinking of a whole new post on that alone!! Thank you also for posting the photos of Nottingham as it bought back a few memories. I don't know it well but my DD went to Uni there and we visited quite often! I remember Robin Hood.