Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Catching Up - Again

I'm sure I've got loads that I should have blogged about lately but life seems to be keeping me busy at the moment so this may be just a quick post or it could run in to a couple.
We spent Easter Saturday down with my Mum before bringing her back to stay with us for a while. Saturday morning Mum was helping to decorate her church for the Easter Sunday services. St Nicholas Church on Canvey Island is a 'modern' church built in 1960 and is wedge shaped. My DH has blogged about it here if you would like to see a few more photos.


Both sides of the roof have been decorated with artworks made by local schools, clubs and individuals. The cross you can see is only in the aisle for Easter.



The collage above is about 6' x 5' and has obvious echoes of a quilt. The hexagons have been cut from magazines and it caught my eye as we were leaving. There are some lovely colour blends in it. Unfortunately I don't know the artist's name.


This is one of Mum's two arrangements for the church. She was asked to use only vegetation and no flowers, which is outside her comfort zone but I think she did a lovely job.
After we had finished at the church we took Mum out for some lunch at a cafe on the seafront. Look at the wonderful view we had.
Saturday was a bit of a mixed day weatherwise and there was some cloud but the atmosphere looking out over the Thames Estuary was beautiful. I could feel a painting coming on! Shame I didn't have my paints with me! :o)
We sat and ate our lunch watching the boats going up and down the river on the tide. (There were some bigger ones than this little yacht that was going nowhere very fast with the light wind). I actually learnt to swim from the beach just below this cafe. My brother wasn't impressed! I dragged him back into the water to stand by while I heroically threw off my armbands and swam unaided for the first time! It was a "now or never" moment! lol
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Since the weekend I've been enjoying having my Mum to stay and cracking on with my April Journal Quilt. I just have to finish the binding (!!) and then it's done and I'll be able to post it here. I have never done a binding before so I am quite pleased with my little self.
Is anybody else suffering with a tickly cough at the moment? I am thinking I may have hayfever as it doesn't feel like a cold but I am fed up with coughing. I seem to get these symptoms every year at about this time so I'm thinking there must be some pollen about that doesn't like me. I did manage to get a good night's sleep last night though. I tried my DH's current patent remedy, Vicks vapour rub on the instep of my foot. Don't ask me how but it works! No coughing and no cataarh. Bliss!
PS My friend Guzzisue sent me this link about the lace embossed concrete on the new Arts Centre in Nottingham that I wrote about last week. I shall update my previous post. Thank you Sue.



Hi Julie, nice blog and I also popped over to your DH's blog. I loved his photos of the peacocks (or hens???) - truly wonderful!

Hope you have a good time with Mum and look forward to seeing your quilt when it's finished! I admire your patience with the quilts, piecing leaves me cold!!!

All for now, Carolyn :o)

Jackie said...

I have a theory about tickly coughs..when the weather changes we get things out of the wardrobe that we haven't worn for 6 months..if I get something out of the wardrobe I always start sneezing unless I shake it first. Its worst in the Autumn when you get woollies out. Just dust not making you cough maybe,

Doreen G said...

I love the photos of the church Julie and your Mums "floral" arrangement.
I think that Vicks vapourub is the wonder ointment---I use it for mosquito bites and other insect bites as well-stops the itching.

MargaretR said...

Lovely post Julie and I love your mum's arrangement.
Hope your tickly cough is better soon

silverpebble said...

That collage is amazing! Thanks so much for posting the image Julie. Emma x

Helena said...

Oh gosh I hope I didn't leave any of my bugs with you!

Lovely pic's!

Will nip over to Mr Julie's when I get a mo!

Jacky said...

The lace embossed concrete is amazing and great to be able to read all about the process.

Looks like you had a lovely Easter, the views from the restaurant window are lovely.

Love the 6'X5' collage in the church .... wonderful colours.

Tracy said...

Hi Julie
Was just amazed to see this church! I am writing this from Newcastle AU but used to live in Tar Pots just down the road from Canvey Island and used to drive past this church to visit my auntie Jean in the 60's when it was brand new, had never been inside thou.
Those fabric pack in post above look glorious, might have to treat myself :)
Great blog :)