Wednesday, 4 March 2009


My DH hasn't noticed yet but, there are some unusual packages growing in our garden! It's all part of Seth's collaboration to explore disintegration. I think that I found out about it from a post on Jo Wholohan's blog. The idea is to place bundles of paper and other objects out into the elements and leave them to nature's best efforts. The bundles will be dismantled and photographed again on May 1 and I'm hoping that I will then be able to incorporate them into a collage.
I have set up 3 packages of mixed papers, hand made papers, watercolour paper, punchinella, rusty objects including a flattened rusty tin can in the top piece, leaves, teabag paper, printed text, nappy liners, canvas and paper serviettes. The top piece also has a mopping up cloth from my studio that has fabric dye on it so we'll see if any of that runs.
I have hung 2 of the pieces in shrubs in the garden and the third piece is lying among some plants in a belfast sink along with various rusty items. This third bundle is wrapped in a type of vilene fabric stiffener.
I still have my catalogues in the garden for Maggie Grey's experiment but I think I should have split them up more so I may look for some more to vandalise and soak them in a bucket to speed the process.
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Heather said...

This is very interesting, but it will have those of us with small gardens living in a mini landfill site if we include tin cans to go rusty for the new WOW class!! I haven't got around to my spring weeding and tidying yet, but I shall search out some corners for hiding bundles in - I am very intrigued by the whole idea.

Julie said...

I have to confess I picked the rusty can up in the street! I'm a terrible scavanger!

silverpebble said...

This looks like a really interesting project Julie - I love the idea of making things from objects that have been subject to the ravages of weather and water. You know I get excited about rust textures too!

Seth said...

So glad you decided to join in Julie. And with three bundles!! Some great ingredients that are sure to look even better on May 1!

CAROLYN said...

I really must give this a try one day Julie. I will look forward to seeing the results of your experiments!!

Best wishes, Carolyn

rachel whetzel said...

Ahhhhh the RUST!! I love it.