Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Contemporary Quilt Group Journal Quilt

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I am a bit nervous of showing this Journal Quilt for the month of February as I have made a few mistakes with it. However, here it is, warts and all! I'm tempted to call it "What's the point?" or more accurately, "Missed the point"!
I have used my own shibori and snow-resist dyed fabrics and started with half-square triangles. Unfortunately I haven't lined the diamonds up too well and the end result is a little bit wonky. The quilt is 12" x 6" and has been hand-stitched with seeding stitch. A friend at my local quilt group showed me how to line up the triangles which worked well enough for the vertical strips but didn't work so well when I joined the strips together. If I try this again I shall have to seek out some more advice. I should say that the whole piece has been hand sewn apart from the satin stitched edge.
I had a "Doh!" moment today doing the satin stitch! I suddenly realised that I should set my sewing machine to the buttonhole stitch to get a close satin stitch! Wahay! Success! I told you I was on a learning curve :o)


Heather said...

I love your fabrics in this quilt. You shouldn't point out the flaws -chances are we'd never have noticed.

Julie said...

Thank you Heather. You've probably got a point (no pun intended!) Maybe I should rephrase my post lol

CAROLYN said...

Hi Julie, your fabric snow dyeing worked really well, and I think your patchwork piecing is really good, I don't think I could get it as neat as this, and all hand stitched, wow!
I haven't the patience for this!!

Hope you have a good day

Gina said...

I still can't see what's wrong with it... looks fine to me. "Missed the Point" is a great name!

Julie said...

Carolyn, thank you :o) I sometimes find it easier to hand sew than machine, even though it takes longer. Any kind of sewing is a recent activity for me,starting only 2 or 3 years ago but now I feel lost if I don't have some handsewing on the go.

Judy Scott said...

Julie this is lovely ~ the fabrics have come out so great and look fabulous in this design, think the seed stitching is lovely and the points look fine to me :) Judy x

Moogsmum said...

Well, I think it looks lovely Julie and your fabrics have worked really well. I love the seed stitching and you did a great job handsewing it all!