Monday, 2 March 2009

Spring is on its way at last

First of all, yippee!! I have my laptop back! I don't really know why it crashed but the laptop doctor has cleaned it up and installed the extra memory and it's fairly singing along now :o)


Did you have a good weekend? Mine seems to have been really busy and, what's more, the sun came out! On Saturday my friend Ann and I went across to Newark to see the Nolitex exhibition at the Town Hall. The exhibition is excellent and the standard of work is very high. Unfortunately we weren't permitted to take photographs but if you live anywhere near Newark (that's the one in Nottinghamshire UK) it is well worth a visit. One of the contributors, Liz Welch, who is a highly accomplished artist has more images on her blog here and here. What was refreshing was that we were allowed to handle some of the felted pebble pieces, some of which unexpectedly made a noise. It was well worth braving the terrors of fiding in a lift to reach the top floor!

An added bonus to visiting Newark on a Saturday is the general market. It was much busier than this photo suggests. What do you think of the elegant buildings in the centre of Newark? Beautiful aren't they?
On Sunday the sun decided to come out and play for a while so we manged to drag ourselves away from the internet and popped out to our local National Trust property, Belton House. The sun was a little bit fickle but when it did come out it was glorious.
The snowdrops have certainly erupted since the snow melted away only a week or so ago.
I took quite a lot of photos of the reflections in the stream and the large lake at Belton. The reflections in the lake particularly reminded me of textiles. I have a feeling I may be using reflections in one of my monthly Journal Quilts before too long.
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On the subject of Journal Quilts I have almost finished my JQ for February and I know what I am going to do for March so I am on target so far. Phew! Hopefully I will finish February tomorrow so I will be able to blog it then. It's not been a total success (technically) but it's been a learning curve. The other project that I can't yet show you is now finished and will be in the post in a day or two so I will be able to show you that when it reaches its destination.


DILLY said...

Dilly see spring in garden today.
Come see!

Be glad be spring gen.
But weather laydy say,
be rain morrow,
then rain uther morrow,
then Therzday Colchester hav hailstones.


Dilly frayed hail hert crocuses.
Mayke plan pertekt crocuses.
Not shor how.
Mite do wiv plarnt pots!!!!


Gina said...

The snowdrops and reflections are beautiful!

Heather said...

Thankyou for sharing your lovely day out and those beautiful photos with us. Plenty of inspiration there - we'll be keeping an eye on your blog to see what transpires. No pressure of course!

Genie said...

Hi Julie
welcome back. looks like you had a great weekend,
Have a great week

Dot said...

Hi Julie

So glad your laptop is Ok! And is ' singing' (any particular tunes he heh).

Good to see you back. And thanks for sharing your *gorgeous* photo's of your day out. That one of the reflection of the tree's is stunning! I can just see you using that in your art.

Big hugs from me to you (and the kitties say hi too).

Dot xx