Thursday, 5 March 2009

Mr Lizard and Mile a Minute

I belong to a Yahoo group called Mixed Media ATCUK which is run by Becky and around Christmas/New Year time Becky suggested a one-to-one swap between us. Although we didn't want to put any pressure on each other we did decide to aim for the end of February and I am delighted to have received Becky's artwork today. Meet Mr Lizard! Isn't he a striking chap? He reminds me of aboriginal drawings. I like the way the background echoes the shape and style of the lizard, too. My photo has a little flare for which I apologise, the light wasn't wonderful this afternoon. Thank you Becky! My piece is on its way to you so I will be able to show it here in a day or two. (Hmmmm! Did I remember to photograph it before I posted it? Good question!)
I've had a busy week sewing-wise and I've completed the next two pages for the flower themed book page swap also at Mixed Media ATCUK. I don't know what possessed me, I actually got them finished in a day, not like me at all.

I did find that I hadn't got a lot of fabrics with flowers and most of the ones I had were red, hence the red theme!
I think these pages could be oriented any way up so the recipients will be able to decide for themselves. Some aspects look better than others.
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Gina said...

Love those red pages!

sharon young said...

What a scrumy post, I love Becky's lizard, the colours are superb.
Your pages are delightful too, again really vibrant summer fruits colours, I can almost taste those strawberries.

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

Thank you. I love the lizard, it reminded me to of Oz rock art, which I love. I love the red pages, though not a colour I tend to use.

Heather said...

Mr. Lizard is great and I also 'saw' aboriginal designs in him. I love your patchwork pages. As a rule I'm not keen on red, but these are stunning and I love the way you have used the log cabin technique.

DILLY said...

Brite flowers be pwitty an vewy clever! But oh! oh! Wagon!!! Dilly like liza-wagon!!!


Judy Scott said...

I immediatley thought of a design Id seen in Oz when I saw Mr Lizard ~ brilliant, and I love the red pieced pages :)


I really love your flower themed quilted book page Julie, it's such a gorgeous vibrant red with pretty stitching xx