Saturday, 17 January 2009

Pretty Feet and Beautiful Trees

On the subject of CyberFyber, back in November, Dale of The Thread Studio bought a pair of shoes while in Paris which became the inspiration for her CyberFyber piece. This week I couldn't resist a little browse round our local out of town store that was having a sale and managed to find a pair of evening sandals and a pair of everyday sandals, both at half price. Well, we all love a bargain, don't we? The added bonus came when I turned the shoes over and saw these lovely patterns!
The shoes above are an Italian shoe and I love the flowers on the sole.
What about this pattern? It looks a bit space age to me.
I've already taken an impression of each with Form-a- Foam and before I can wear them I have plans to iron Tyvek over the soles and take casts with plasticine which I can then use to make toilet tissue casts. If I'm very brave I might do toilet tissue embossing directly from the soles. Dale had the idea of making rubbings from her soles with Shiva paintstiks and I plan to try this too. I'll show you all the results and hopefully some prints when I've made them.
What sort of day have you had weatherwise in your neck of the woods? Despite the forecast we have had a beautiful day today. So beautiful in fact that, once he'd recovered from his Friday-night-boy's-night-out (a tame affair as there's only him and his friend R - aah, bless!) my DH and I walked into town. (When I think about it he could have stayed in town and waited for me to walk down instead of walking home at some unearthly hour! What do men find to talk about for so long in a pub? LOL) On the way to town we pass these beautiful trees:
I absolutely love Silver Birch and these 4 trees are stunning with their wonderfully reflective trunks. Some of the bark was peeling off and I would have loved to take a little of it but unfortunately noone was in the garden to ask. Doesn't it lift your spirits to see such sparkling trees in the middle of winter?
(We didn't walk back from town - the bus was very welcome transport.)
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Pat said...

I love all the things you have planned for the soles of your shoes, do you think you'll ever get to ear them?:-) I look forward to the results.

Heather said...

I can see us buying new shoes just for the pattern on the soles! What great ideas you have for making the most of them - I look forward to seeing what transpires. I love silver birch trees too, even their twigs are more graceful than others.

Genie said...

bargains and art inspiration as well, clever girl. have a fun week

Judy Scott said...

Hello Julie what a brilliant idea and now Im going to have to turn all my shoes over and check our their soles:)

sandra wyman said...

Hi Julie - those soles are fantastic. At the moment am drawing up patterns of (and planning to print from) a pair of shoes for something I'm doing on this year's key word (which is steps) If you have a roller you could try printing with fabic paint - roller the pain onto the shoe, place paper over the top, then press down (if you've got one use another fabric roller).

Love the silver birches - they have them in the car-park of my local Tescos - must take camera and/or sketchpad next time I go shopping!

Moogsmum said...

Oh my word - I won't ever be able to buy shoes again without checking out the soles first! Can't wait to see what you make!!