Friday, 16 January 2009


I'm sure Susan won't mind me borrowing this photograph of her in front of the many ATCs included in her wonderful exhibition in South Carolina. If you follow the link and then click on the header you will be able to review the amazing week that Susan has had with her exhibition in Columbia South Carolina. Not only has Susan staged an amazing exhibition but she has also made sure, with videos, copies of news reviews and regular updates, that everyone around the world who couldn't attend in person has been able to follow all the events of the past week from the setting up of the exhibition onwards. Enjoy!
Tomorrow is International ATC Swap Day when ATC's sent in by participating artists will be exchanged. I intended to send 3 ATC's for this swap but in the end only managed to send one but I am looking forward to seeing whose art I get in return. Watch this space!
The exhibition continues until Tuesday. If only I had a magic carpet.....!
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Jackie said...

Oooh! I sent one on Monday. I wonder if it will get there in time?
Its such a brilliant event.

Robin Mac said...

Hasn't it been a fantastic exhibition, I am in awe of her energy and vision in setting it up. I have been going back through some of your older posts and enjoying them, somehow I have missed checking you out for a couple of weeks! Cheers, Robin

Frances said...

oooo but I have a Magic carpet haven't I Julie :o) would you like to borrow it ;o)

wierd isn't it this time I clicked leave a comment and the box came up straight away, now to visit other blogs I like that use the pop up box :o)

Heather said...

What a treat, it would be so good to see all those ATC's 'in the flesh', not to mention the larger pieces of work. It must have been a wonderful event - thankyou for sharing it with us.