Thursday, 20 November 2008

Take It Further October

I'm a bit late but I've finally finished my piece for the October TIF challenge. The original challenge was discussed here and I said at the time that I had an idea for something connected with the chaos.

Instead of starting with new fabric I went through all my bit bags and used my embellisher to make this new piece of fabric out of all the scraps of cloth and fibres. The base was odd pieces of a thin wadding type of cloth which I needlefelted together and then embellished felts, sheers, organzas, cottons, wool fibres, threads and prefelted offcuts onto. To bring the piece together I covered the whole fabric with a brown coloured chiffon scarf and embellished all over from the front and back until I felt that the surface was balanced.
I decided to make a bookwrap with the finished fabric and decorated it with beads, finishing off with blanket stitch.
The lining is a type of plastic stiffener material which I have painted with Lumiere paints. Fortunately I was able to stitch through this lining. You may have spotted the deliberate mistake! I thought I would use velcro to close the wrap but unfortunately I stitched it on before I put the lining in so there had to be a little judicious snipping to reveal the velcro pad! Ooops! Well, I am a beginner! (I have since blanket stitched round the hole you can see so it's a bit tidier). This is now going to be a Christmas gift for one of my friends.
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artisbliss said...

This is just gorgeous, Julie!

Sandra Wyman said...

This is lovely, Julie - see you Saturday!

Genie said...

Lovely fabric julie, have a good weekend

Heather said...

Lucky friend - I love your book wrap and you should have kept quiet about your 'deliberate mistake', we would never have noticed it. It's given me some good ideas - thankyou.

The WestCountryBuddha said...

What a delightful book! I've just bought some blank books from Woolies to try and make covers for for the next exhibition. Don't quite know where to start yet - I'm still investigating ideas - so yours was a very timely post...thank you!

congratulations on your wonderful Maggie-type win. You lucky person, you!

Clare Wassermann said...

Well I take my hat off to you if you're a begineer - what a lovely wrap - and thrifty too xx

t said...

Love your book wrap Julie. You are so clever and artistic.


Unknown said...

Love the chaos book wrap as for the fastening its something I'd do myself.

Luv Annette

Mrs Mac said...

WOW! This is yum! How have you attached it to the book? Have you tucked in the covers somehow, or is it stuck in??? I'd love to know, as I have bought some blank wee notebooks for altering as gifts :)

Mrs Moog said...

I love this Julie - the colours are gorgeous!


Dot said...

This is beautiful Julie. The colors you use sing to me!