Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Wrist Cuff (or something else if you prefer) Giveaway

15 more measurements needed! Draw on Friday!!
Jackie Cardy who blogs as Dogdaisychains makes the most magnificent wrist cuffs and brooches by combinings velvet with tweed, silk or other fabrics and embellishing with machine embroidery. If you pop across to her blog here and scroll down to 'Market Research Survey' you will find details of a giveaway she is offering in return for a small favour from you. It doesn't involve any pain, just a little dexterity with a tape measure to help her with a survey she is conducting. Jackie needs at least 100 people to give her their wrist measurement to make her survey meaningful so please be lovely bloggers and pop across and help her. Thank you, I knew you would! While you're there have a look at her beautiful work. It's gorgeous!


Jackie said...

OHHH! Thank you so much for that.I am touched by all the new commenters.Its great.
Its going well. 68 so far. 7 inches is favourite with 6 as the small.
(there's no Mc by the way..just plain Cardy.)

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Looks very gerly to me! Shall I leev her my rist mezzerment or is it jus for hewmans? Hehehehe!!!

I'll send Dilly over.
Oh, hang on.
She has a cold.
Can yu imagin? A dragon wiv a cold?
Good greef!

Heather said...

Congratulations on winning Maggie Grey's giveaway. There are 105 very envious people out here, but I am sure we are all delighted for you. I have taken part in Jackie Cardy's giveaway so you never know. I don't usually win things but if you don't enter you won't win anyway. Best wishes, Heather.

Genie said...

Hi Julie get well soon.
Congratulations on your lucky win from Maggie. perhaps i will have a chance with a win for Jackies Cuff,

gilby said...

Hi Julie,
Congratulations on winning Maggie Gray's giveaway,do hope you will be well enough to travel to Harrogate on saturday.
Love Gill.