Sunday, 2 November 2008

Take it Further Challenge

The Take it Further Challenge for October was "Your workspace.........How do you feel about this space? What role does it play in your life?" I am lucky enough to have a very tolerant DH who doesn't object to my strewing my arting and crafting around the house. Iam also lucky enough to have a space where I can leave my sewing machine, or embellisher out so that I can pick up where I left off whenever I want to.
As you can see from the photos my sewing room is not a haven of peace, order and tranquility! Far from it, it reflects a chaotic mind, far too full of umpteen ideas all trying to get out at the same time. I always intend to sort it out and tidy up but part way through every tidy up I get distracted into playing with the embellisher or making something with the sewing machine.

As you can see from the photo below I store quite a lot of my materials here, but the room also tends to become a dumping ground for art materials on their way out to my "shed" where I have space for painting and mixed media work. The case contains fabrics stored until I need them. Unfortunately the travel label wasn't for one of our travels but my stepson's.
When I think of my workspace my first thought is impatience and frustration that it is invariably in a state. Unlike many artists who say they work in chaos but they know where everything is, I mostly don't have a clue and constantly waste energy and time trying to find what I want or I forget entirely what I have got! When I was at work my immediate boss encouraged us never to handle a case/piece of post twice if it could be settled at the first encounter. I think I need to remind myself of this in my workroom when I am "tidying up".
Despite the chaos I love my workspace. I am only happy when I am exploring, experimenting and learning and my workspace allows me to do that. I love to be creative and, when I think back to my childhood, that feeling has always been there. When I was young I loved drawing, painting, making books, knitting and sewing projects from those little kits you can buy for children. I would be lost without somewhere to follow my creative instincts and I consider myself very lucky to have this space in my home, even though I probably don't make the best use of it.
Unfortunately, I haven't actually made anything inspired by my workspce this month but I have something in mind connected with order out of chaos so I hope to catch up soon.
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Jacquelines blog said...

I recognize every part of it. It good be my work room *LOL*

Annette J said...

I share your sense of comfort in a busy mind. I'm sure you'll soon come up with something spectacular.

Luv Annette

lesley said...

What a wonderful chaotic creative mind you have! There is something in there desperately waiting to get out! My work space is the same although it has had a tidy recently! My Mr S describes my creativity like 'MOSS', he say's it grows into every corner of every room! Tee Hee! He too has great tolerance. How lucky are we?? xx

DeeMom said...

Having a "ME" space is important for both of you

Helen Suzanne said...

now oddly my first reaction to this was "omg you DON'T" know where everything is???", lol and then a huge urge to come and sort it out! This is really bizarre for some one of my equally chaotic nature... then I reallised... I'm just nosey!!!!

really intrigued of the pile of scrummy looking pieces to the left of the macine, an love the dyed towel on the chair :D

Mai-Britt Axelsen said...

It's the "mostly don't have a clue and constantly waste energy and time trying to find what I want or I forget entirely what I have got!" that gets me down. That's why I'm trying to change.

Shame I don't live near you, then I could come and help, it's always easier to clear up somebody else's mess......... Post lots of pictures as you get along, that helped me when I did my studio (although the dining room still is full of stuff I need to move back to the studio).

freebird said...

I use to be able to say I could find anything immediately even though my room was a mess but I can't anymore. I've been losing things I need so I think I've finally come to the point of maybe having too much stuff. I like to play with more than one type of medium so I end up with lots but not everything I need, in several. And now even if I want to, I just don't have the space to organize everything. I hope you sort yours out - we don't need to be totally neat but it's not good to be losing things.

liz said...

Order out of chaos, that sounds good. I can create more chaos out of chaos, does that count?
There's an award for you on my blog if you want to take part. But feel free to ignore if you don't "do" them.

sharon young said...

I always know when I'm stuck, because everything is neatly filed away in it's place and the room is in complete order = no creativity, so you keep your lovely untidy stash, it's a sign of a healthy creative spirit :-)

artisbliss said...

I'm glad I'm not the only messy artist in the world. At least most of your stuff is in containers!

Lesley said...

It looks pretty near perfect to me!! I'm looking forward to the day when I have somewhere to leave all my stuff out and ready to use.

Bring on the chaos :-)