Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Goodies in the Post - again!

I've had a very busy postman since we've been back. As soon as we got back I received a parcel from the very talented Gina Ferrari enclosing a certain something for my stepdaughter's birthday which I can't show you till after tomorrow. However, the ever generous Gina had also enclosed some goodies for me wrapped very prettily in this lovely fabric and ribbon.
Needless to say the chocolate has already been enjoyed! I did share it with my DH tho.


Above is just a hint of the other contents of Gina's parcel.

Yesterday this wonderfully colourful parcel arrived all the way from America. Kelli Nina Perkins, who is a wonderful mixed media artist, decided to have a clear out of her studio (not a bad idea, think I!) and offered a lucky dip style goodie bag to 20 people. I was lucky enough to be sent one and as you can see even the envelope is interesting.

Inside Kelli had included a great assortment of papers, fabrics, fibres, beads, buttons, her own art and ephemera.
I can't wait to include some of these fabrics and papers in my own art. The goldeny piece in the centre of the photograph is absolutely beautiful. The photo doesn't show the gorgeous depth of colour and the glow of this fabric. I don't think it will take stitch but I have some thoughts on how to use it.
If you are not familiar with Kelli's work you should visit her blog which is wonderfully colourful and inspiring. Kelli's work has been published in Cloth Paper Scissors and she has also appeared on Quilting Arts TV which airs in the States.
PS You don't really want to know this but, I am so delighted, I have a shower that works!!!!! Yay! Ours died a death before we went on hols and I have been having to have baths and wash my hair over the sink. Pain! Anyway, today my lovely friendly plumber/electrician (the friends we were on hols with last week) came and fitted our new shower!!!!! Yippee! I can't wait to get up tomorrow and have a lovely shower!!! ( little things and little minds......) ;o)
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Helen Suzanne said...

lol the shower rates as brilliant news I think. It's such a good wake up in the morning, dunno where I'd be with out mine! (throwing myself in the sea in a paddy prolly, lol)

Genie said...

Hi Julie
Lovely Goodies in the post. Glad you have a new shower. sounds like you had Gremlins visit, they came to me and broke the front door lock.

Gina said...

Enjoy your shower Julie!

artisbliss said...

Wonderful mail you're getting lately.

I've given you an award on my blog.

sharon young said...

You're not joking about the shower, I couldn't be without our power shower now after a year without one when we redid the bathroom.
Lovely goodies in the post.

Anonymous said...

How lovely - other peoples art goodies are always so much more interesting than our own!

Lesley said...

Lovely goodies there Julie! Can't believe you shared Minstrels - I may need to give you a talking to!!

I can understand the excitement at getting the shower fixed...although a nice bubbly bath and a whole packet of Minstrels sounds pretty good to me :-)