Thursday, 4 September 2008

Blog Awards

What a lovely surprise! The lovely and talented Jean who blogs as Genie's Art World and also Genie's Photos has given me not one, but two awards! I am delighted and humbled to receive these awards, especially as they are both very sweet.


I have to admit I am a bad blogger for not passing these awards on. I read so many wonderful and stimulating blogs, many of which are in my side bar. As I'm still under the weather I am going to say, if I visit your blog and leave a comment please accept this award from me and post it on your own blog. And Jean, thank you very much for these lovely awards. I hope you are feeling better today.


Jude Hill who blogs as Spirit Cloth has a second blog called "What if..." . Just recently she has posed the question "what if we get crazy?" Her question, of course, relates to crazy quilting and how we may choose to work other than traditionally. Since I have already set up a piece of crazy quilting that has no rules other than the initial colour I have signed up to play along with her and many others to produce a piece, or pieces, of crazy quilting (or not quilted!). There is no time limit to this (just right for me) and absolutely no rules and Jude has offered to make a piece of crazy quilting for each participant. You won't be surprised that my first piece is the crazy quilting block I have started for the Take it Further challenge. While it will be worked with balance in mind I am sure that all the while I am working I will be asking myself "What if..." Hopefully over the next couple of weeks I will have plenty of progress to show. Just in case Jude looks in here this is a reminder of the piece I am working on....

All of the fabrics have been laid down with raw edges and were chosen simply because I liked them or to provide a foil to the pieces I liked. I did not worry about the size or the shape of the pieces, I just worked with what I had. I'm really looking forward to working on this. It's about 8 inches square. As usual I haven't given a thought to how I will finish it off. I'm sure "What if.." will play a part!


Genie said...

Thanks Julie.
back to work today, bit of a struggle but feeling a lot better.
Crzy Quilt looks good

artisbliss said...

The crazy quilting looks fun. I hope you feel better soon.

Ro Bruhn said...

Hope you're feeling better and congratulations on your awards. I love the crazy quilt, I like the randomness of the shapes and colours,

Lesley said...

The crazy quilt challenge looks great and I love the one you're making. The black and grey one on Jude's blog is fab too.

Congrats on those very well deserved awards :)


jude said...

hey, i love that you are doing. this. great start. there are some great fabrics in there. welcome to CQR!