Friday, 5 September 2008

I've been Schmapped!

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If you look here you will see that my photo of Strasbourg Cathedral doors has been included in the latest internet tourist guide published by Flickr Schmap! I was told I was shortlisted a few weeks ago and did a little research to check out the validity of this site. Happily, as I am not in the business of making money from my photos and only take them for personal reasons, this is a bona fide site which shares flickr photos online and I am delighted that one of my photographs has been selected. Yay!



That's quite an achievement. Well done you! Have a lovely break and I hope you get some sun - or at least that the rain is nice and warm.

silverpebble said...

Well done! That's very exciting. Have a wonderful break and I hope it helps you to relax and feel completely well again.

katelnorth said...

Schmap snap - only mine was San Diego!