Monday, 2 June 2008

Textures of beamish

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Helen Suzanne said...

Hi Julie, ages since I've been webbing and what a delight to find when I visit you here. These textures are wonderful.

Finding a like mind in your comment about your May TIF challenge when you say "my painting background informs my textile and mixed media work and I feel justified in using the term 'artist'"
... me too,
you certainly are :D

arlee said...

And here i thought you were going to illustrate the Jabberwock with textiles :]

LOVE the textures!

Genie said...

Lovely Textures Julie.
I rember those mangles caught my little finger in one a long time ago. and yes you are an ARTIST your work is great

Purple Missus said...

What fabulous photos. Gorgeous colours and textures.
You do choose some really wonderful places to go.

Lesley said...

Great photos Julie and your trip to Beamish looks fab.

It's great to be back in blogland catching up with all the lovely things you've been doing. Your swap piece is beautiful and I love that it evolved into a book cover :)


Ro Bruhn said...

These ooze with character, such beautiful colours and texture.

sharon young said...

Fabulous textures Julie, and the colours too are wonderful, what will you do with them I wonder.
Thanks for dropping by on my Norfolk post, I agree about the complementary drinks from the pub, great idea LOL