Monday, 2 June 2008

Catching Up 2

Our weekend trip to Northumberland seems a long time ago now. I hesitate to ramble on about it here but we did see some lovely things that you might be interested in.
Our first port of call was Beamish, an open air museum giving a glimpse of life in England in the 1800s and early 1900s. On the day we visited 900 schoolchildren also had the same idea!! Over 30 coachloads! Apparently it was part of a music project in conjunction with the Sage Gateshead. Actually, apart from the fact that we couldn't get into the sweetie shop!, it was great to see all the children. They were having a great time singing and dancing with the musicians in the museum.

These children were passing the time waiting for a tram, singing and dancing. Even the lads!

The museum has recreated a street from a town of the early 20th century with houses and shops that you can look round. The sweet shop was a great hit!

This and the following 2 photographs are of the Co-operative store selling fabrics and haberdashery.

The site is large but trams and vintage buses are available if you tire of walking - as we eventually did!

This lovely stained glass window is in the staircase in the music teacher's house.

surprisingly the music teacher's house had three bedrooms - but no bathroom!

My Nan used to wring out her washing on a mangel similar to this. This specimen looked as though it was for industrial use!

And finally, a present for Dilly! This beautiful wagon (dragon) graced the bus and tram shelter.


sharon young said...

Looks fabulous, Julie, showed your post to my OH and he's agreed to take me there when we go to the Farn Islans in three weeks time, so thanks for that :-)

DeeMom said...

Awesome post I learned lots

artisbliss said...

Wow, great photos. Very interesting stuff.

Gina said...

Wonderful photos of such interesting things - I was drooling over that haberdashery store shot!

Frances said...

Julie the co-op took me right back to childhood, my mum had a mangle/wringer that fitted on the very large sink, thanks for a lovely post, I love the dragon too,