Friday, 11 January 2008

Sky Watch Friday

This was the turbulent sky as we drove back from my brother's yesterday (well today really as I haven't been to bed yet - sitting up with sick DH). Needless to say the heavens opened shortly after taking this photo.


Lesley said...

That's a lovely picture Julie. I love photos where you just catch the moment.
Get Well Soon DH!!!
Lesley xx

Purple Missus said...

Hope DH is better by now - make sure you take good care of him :)
Love those colours in the last post - look forward to seeing them put to good use.

sharon young said...

Fantastic sky, wish I was as dedicated at catching these fleeting images, well done!!

DeeMom said...

Hope your Hubby is taking care of himself. I feel sure you will make him do so !

Great picture

Into the Blystic said...

Hi Julie
Oh wow! I love this picture!!! I love storms and wild skies!