Thursday, 10 January 2008

Naughty Naughty!

It's no good beating around the bush! You'd have got blown away today anyway! I've done it again! Remember this? I didn't resist for very long! Well! Noone gave me any willpower for Christmas! Look at these gorgeous colours from Holly Eqq

This gorgeous pink is Cherry Hotlips! Sounds like a character on M*A*S*H!

This beauty is Jungle Canopy (Haven't found Tarzan yet!)

These subtle colours are Marties Magic
These pastel shades are Lady Slipper.
I know I could buy wool for felting in the UK but I really love these gorgeous blends of colour. I really have to stop buying now cos my DH is making noises about wanting to retire at 60! Or maybe I should keep stocking up cos there won't be any money if he retires!!! Good idea!
Talking of DH, I can't hang around here long tonight in case I infect everyone. My poor DH has succumbed to the winter exploding bug! He ate his tea (my cooking) and promptly started without any warning! 'Course it's not my cooking! If I go missing for a few days I may have succumbed.


Lesley said...

Ooooooooh they're lovely!! I like all of them but I love the last two. You're going to have great fun with those!
Poor DH - I hope he feels much better very soon and, more to the point, I hope you don't get it!
love Lesley xx

Anonymous said...

Aw shucks!
Can't wait to see what you do with them.

sharon young said...

Hi Julie
These are too, too nice, no wonder you couldn't resist. It must be catching , I've had a major spend up too this week, maybe it's the Xmas comedown!
Can't wait to see what you do with these.
Your poor DH, it sounds like an awful bug, which of course it is (how could it possibly be you cooking LOL.
Thanks for your comments on the PS post, please do feel free to print it off if you think it might be useful.
The screen shots are done using screen save, the function takes a photo of the screen and dumps it on the desk top. I don't know how that works on a PC(mines a Mac) but you will have a button on the keyboard that says screen save or screen print

Anonymous said...

Poor DH - wish him better soon.
Lovely purchases Julie - gorgeous colours.
Gina x

Gina said...

Having problems with the comments - Having to type in all my details from scratch (but only on your site - don't understand) I'm not anonymous... it's me!!
Gina x

DeeMom said...

what wonderful pictures and colors

and take care of yourself

katelnorth said...

gorgeous colours - the first one looks like candy floss - thought it was for a moment!