Friday, 11 January 2008

Austria again

Oh! It's still Friday! It's been a long day! My DH is fortunately improving well today and is now simply worn out so fingers crossed that that is the end of the dreaded lurgy bug. Thank you for all the well wishes. It's lovely to know people care.

I was hoping to get onto the embellisher today with the lovely new fibre but I figured the noise would disturb my DH so I settled for some hand sewing instead. Unfortunately I can't show you exactly what I was doing as it's for a swap with a certain Dot -tee lady downunder. Bet you can't guess what it is........? I'll post it when I have actually posted it off to Dot. I have to make something else to go with it yet so it may be a while........(back to the embellisher again).

I am a bit nervous about tomorrow. I should have been enjoying a textile workshop but instead I have to take DH's place and try and sell some of his cards at a celebration party organised by the coach company that took us to Austria. They are a 2 man band, father and son, who have been in business for only 2 years and their trips are great. They take really good care of their passengers and put on a little party each year in January to promote their new tours and to thank all their customers. DH can't go as he may still be contagious so I hope I can't pass it on to anyone! If I don't go DH will have wasted his outlay in making up the cards so hopefully I'll sell enough to cover his costs - I'm not such a good salesperson as he is.

These were the distant Alps photographed from the Steinplatte Mountain above Waidring where we stayed.

This is another view from the mighty Steinplatte Mountain.

These horses were patiently waiting in Salzburg to take us for a carriage ride under the castle you can see in the pic below.

Wish me luck!


Purple Missus said...

You'll be fine Julie - just enjoy yourself :)
Are you taking anything of your own along to sell or promote?

Lesley said...

Good luck for tomorrow Julie! I'm sure you'll be fine. I love your Austria photos. My Mum and Dad went on a coach tour there years ago and loved it.
Lesley x

gilby said...

Hi Julie,
I am sure you will have no problems selling the images, i love the moutains and the horses.

sharon young said...

Hi julie
These are LOVELY pics, the coach company will be delighted and I'm sure it'll be a 'sell out'!
Go Girl!!!!!
Best of luck, glad to hear your DH is on the mend.