Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Post and Posers

I have been tidying (?!) up my fibre art storage today so I haven't any new art work to show but I have received the latest swaps from MixedMediaATC_UK on the theme of Ice, Frost, Snow.

This first card is from Jean. I apologise unreservedly for the photograph which is awful! My fault entirely, I will take a better one tomorrow. I keep looking at the ATC because I cannot decide what Jean has used. It look as though she has heat-shrunk some cellophane which has then been machine stitched, with Angelina trapped. The card is very sparkly with glitter added and sequins and thread snippets, and I think, some irridescent paint. It is a lovely card and really gives the feeling of ice and frost.

This card is from Cathy and includes layered images with embossed stars and a lovely crown charm - The Snow Queen perhaps?

This last card is from Anne W and I'm sorry that the camera has not shown it up to its best. It is a very delicate card with stamped images and motifs.

I have been meaning to post some pix of some scarves that I knitted last winter. They are nothing special but I did enjoy knitting them. I had some friends model them ;)

As far as I can remember I used 12 stitches on thickish needles (How technical is that?!!!). It may have been a 5mm, does that sound about right? Where you see the fancy bands I combined 3 yarns to get the thickness as a lot of the fancy yarns are very fine.

I love the colours in this detail! The scarves were great fun to knit as I made it up as I went along. the only thing was, I could only knit so many rows a night as my hands hurt after a while. The pleasures of middle age!


sharon young said...

What a lovely colourful post, and your models were amazing!! Super Model status I think LOL!

Gina said...

Pretty cards - very icy! The first one may have used something called Irise film which I blogged about ages ago (because I wasn't sure how to use it!) - it's a sort of iridecsent film that reacts to heat. What gorgeous models you have!
Gina x

Lesley said...

Hi Julie,

I the colours and textures in your scarves. I thought the technical instructions were particularly good too ;)
The ATC's are lovely. I only recently found out about Angelina fibres recently and have got them on my list of 'things to try'.
Lesley xx

sharon young said...

Hi julie
Sorry but I couldn't not award you the 'You make my day award', because you so often truely doooooo....
I've put my reasons on the post :-)

Ro Bruhn said...

What fabulous scarves and such glorious colours.