Saturday, 12 January 2008

Busy Day

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As you can see there were a lot of people at the celebration today. I got there for 10 o'clock to set up my DH's cards and things were already busy with preparations. The doors opened at 11 o'clock and it didn't let up till half past 3 when there seemed to be a mass decision to go! I was kept very busy with DH's cards and chatting to people, some of whom I knew from trips out. I did have an enjoyable time and it was worth going, but, boy, was it tiring! I'm glad this is DH's hobby and not mine!
DH spent the morning sleeping and seems to be shaking off the lurgy so it should soon be back to normal, well, what passes for normal here! :) Ooh! Not forgetting all the brownie points I've earned today!! Must be worth at least one shopping spree without any comment being made!!! Hehehehe!


sharon young said...

You bet, Julie. At he very least, breakfast in bed tomorrow!!
Well done!
And what about the commission :-) in time for the day shopping of course!

Lesley said...

Oh yes, I think some good shopping would be perfectly justified in light of your superb efforts on hubby's behalf - it's a small price to pay after all :)

Hope you get chance to rest tomorrow.

Lesley x

imac said...

I must thank my DW for the tremendous work that she did for me today, while I slept off this bug and not sleeping for 2 nights, she went and sold my cards for me, after giving her time up when she was spose to be at her work shop.
I am so proud of you my sweet.

Thankyou from my

As for a reward.......we will have to see. lol.

DeeMom said...

Breakfast in BED/ WOW JULIE…
Most impressive, I bet his cards went fast
Saw a few he posted before Christmas and they are lovely…

Reward ey? Ummmmmmmmmmmm I suppose the best reward is he is feeling better!