Sunday, 2 December 2007

York PS

I thought you might like to see the beads I mentioned that I bought in York

Isn't this a great assortment? There are some very individual looking beads amongst them and together they cost me £5. I think that was very reasonable and they'll last me ages as I don't make jewellery but only use them for embellishment.
I should have posted a photo of the gift that Denise gave me on Friday.

Denise designs and makes wedding stationery and brought me these lovely cards. I like the sentiment on the card! Oh, and i got a bonus piece of material with them.
Finally, yesterday I received this beautiful piece of rust dyed material from Anna.
The plan is for me to make something with part of it which I will then send back to Anna. I can then keep what's left for myself. The "beads" with it are rolled metal, I think probably from aluminium cans. They are a lovely colour and I hope to use some in the piece for Anna and save a few for myself. I love the markings on this cloth. It's going to be difficult deciding which piece to use if I don't use the whole piece. Decision, decisions! Watch this space.


katelnorth said...

Hi Julie - your photo of the rust fabric and beads is missing. I know more or less what they look like as I have some myself, but...

Anna said...

Glad you like the fabric - seeing it on your blog is so exciting - you can really see where it was wrapped around an old pair of shears! Have fun