Sunday, 2 December 2007

Christmas is Coming

We've had a quiet day today but did go out to see my FIL and then went on to a local church which was having a Christmas Tree event. The church was St John's of Manthorpe and it looked beautiful with all its trees decked out. DH and I took loads of photos so I thought I'd put up a few now and revisit with others up until Christmas.

The trees were decorated in all sorts of themes and some had been decorated by children from the local schools.

Many of the decorations on this tree were made with buttons. What a natty idea!

It's amazing what you can do with an egg box!

Wouldn't you know?! This little chap was sitting on the sales table when we got to the church and after several children had seen him and not asked for him I decided I couldn't leave him there in his plastic bag any longer and so I set him free (well, DH did really cos he paid for him) and took him to see the trees! He especially liked this one with liquorice allsorts on (???? no I don't know why it had liquorice allsorts on either. It must have seemed a good idea at the time!) I haven't got a name for him yet. I'm waiting for him to tell me his name!


sharon young said...

Hi julie
What a grand little chap! you really do bring out the silly in me, LOL, why not call him Bertie? ie Bertie Bassett

mrsnesbitt said...

What a great name from Sharon. Bob will be well chuffef Julie. I saw your comment over on his blog!

Did you hear about the sideboard from the Ask pizza place we had lunch in? Went for £950,000!!!!!