Saturday, 1 December 2007

York, Friends, Shopping, Hats and Good News

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Yesterday dawned fine and bright for my trip up to York and, as you can see from the photos of the Minster, the sun was still shining when we arrived in this lovely city. Although the trip had been laid on by my favourite local tour company to visit the St Nicholas Fayre in the streets of York I was using it as an opportunity to meet up with Denise who lives in Saltburn.

I arrived in York about an hour in front of Denise so I was able to have a stroll round while heading for the Minster and enjoy a quick cuppa. While I was making my way to the Minster I came across the lorry in the collage above looking well and truly stuck in this little side street. I don't know how he'd managed to get that far in the first place! When I got home and checked my photo I noticed that the lorry belongs to a company called Banana Transport! I bet he wished he was shaped like a banana to get round that corner! When I last saw the lorry it was being reversed very gingerly. Hmmm! Wonder how far he had to reverse to get out of the maze of little streets?! You shouldn't laugh........................

After I met up with Denise we headed back into the city and passed the piano player in the street. How did he get the piano there? He played beautifully.

The stained glass window in the collage is in York Guildhall which was hosting an Art Market. The building is magnificent and there were some beautiful stalls there. I recognised and had a chat with Ruth of Stone Creek Silk who I have seen at various Art Fairs, not least Harrogate last week. I bought a cyanotype sun printing set from Ruth at Patchings Art Festival in June but have yet to try it out.

We had a very leisurely lunch in ASK which is housed in another beautiful building, York Assembly Rooms. My travelling companion on the coach told me that she used to go to dances there as a young woman. It had certainly got a beautifully sprung floor which any ballroom dancer would die for! We were intrigued by a film crew who were interviewing various people who were lunching (not us tho!) and were told they were making a programme for Channel 4.

After lunch (and a very pleasant glass of wine!) we had time for a wander round a few shops and the market before heading back for our various forms of transport home. I did make a couple of small purchases, a lovely knitted nepalese style hat (with ear flaps - you know the ones) from a "Black Yak" stall on the market. Here is Denise modelling a very fetching mohican style hat:

Doesn't she look happy? She's going to kill me for putting that up!!! Mind you, you should see the one of me she's put on her blog! Aaaaaagh! Don't go there if you're of a weak disposition! *LOL*

Ok! Here's a pic of my new hat (look away if you're a bit squeamish, hide the kids eyes, get behind the sofa!)

Poor Sheepy's looking a bit worried in the background! Do you know? When I received Sheepy for Christmas last year the instructions that came with him said to put him in the microwave for 2 minutes to warm him up! Gasp!!!!!! How could you do that to a poor helpless sheep???!!! I've seen other poor unsuspecting souls in the shops too, teddy bears and puppies all with instructions to heat them in the microwave. Apparently it's supposed to soothe your aches and pains!!!! OMG poor teddies! Anyway, Sheepy is safe. I couldn't possibly put him in the microwave and watch him go round..........and round........and round..........and round......... *LOL*
Sorry I drifted off there! Where was I? Oh yes, The other things I bought were some lovely beads in the Art Fair. They were classed as bead sweepings and I got some lovely different beads.
We went to see our neighbour who had the fall, today. She is staying in a local Care Home for a few weeks but nobody seems to know what will happen after that. She was delighted to see us and I was delighted that she looked so well. Back to her old self. The only thing she is worried about is coming back to live alone, especially at night. Hopefully, a good solution will be reached so she is safe and happy.


DeeMom said...

those hats are awesome looking adn so colorful.

as for Sheepy I have a frog that one COULD zap,,,I too do not have the heart to ZAP a frog...

Gina said...

Love the hats!!! Sounds like a fun day out.

Maggie Grey said...

hey, Julie - catching up with blogs day today for me - only chance I get, really. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed seeing your post on the Harrogate K&S show - hadn't seen any pics of the Val exhibition up there. I knew that Ruby and Val's daughters would do a fine job but it was a bit like abandoning your baby! Thanks for that.

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imac said...

What a good bit of blogging DW.
Love the 2 santa elves. haha.