Sunday, 9 December 2007

Supermarket Shopping

has its compensations, again! I was just sitting in a queue of traffic wondering why I had driven past one supermarket to get to another one when I noticed a police escort turning into the road I was patiently waiting for the lights on. Oh good! (I thought) some reprobate being escorted somewhere and holding me up, or a wide load! Oh no, it was much happier than that! About 200 bikers streamed past on their Christmas Toy run! Wa Hay! Lucky me, I had my camera with me! Now, I may be in mortal fear sitting on the back of a bike (especially when my helmet nearly scraped the floor!) but I do really like motor bikes. I haven't a clue why I find them beautiful machines, maybe it harks back to my childhood and my Mum's brothers who had bikes, but I love to see a big bike gleaming in the sun and hear the sound of a good 4 stroke firing at every second lamppost! All that polished metal and the patterns where the exhaust pipe has got a bit hot! Gorgeous!

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Sorry! Where was I? Oh yes. I've picked out a few especially Christmassy bikes for you (and me hehehe)

I think this is a lady biker (below). Could it be Caz (a porter at the Hospital with DH) or is it you Guzzisue? (If it's a chap, I do beg your pardon! Can't tell under all those leathers!)

I was a bit worried at one point. A couple of the bikers had skeleton masks over their lower faces! Very festive!

The bikers do at least two runs a year to Grantham, one at Easter with Easter eggs and one at Christmas with presents for the local children, I think. It's exciting to see so many bikers together at any time but especially in a good cause.


sue said...

no, wasn't me, sorry... all bikes in dock at the moment

Gina said...

I like the photo of the two Santas on bikes! Brilliant!

fiona d said...

so exciting - I love looking at bikes too - and I really like the way you put the photos together

Julie said...

Gina, the santas did look great. There weren't that many tinsled up.
Fiona, thank you. I used Picasa to make the collage. It's part of Google and is a great little programme.