Saturday, 8 December 2007

I should be sewing

but I had to stop and show you what the postlady has brought me today. I'm amazed she managed to do her delivery at all! The weather is diabolical! Howling winds and torrents of rain, Ugh!! I wasn't expecting this delivery until next week but the postlady brought me this card from Kate

This beautiful card has a fabric front with embroidery and embellishments and a patch of angelina which has been stamped with a snowflake stamp while hot. The reverse is paper and bears all the marks of having come through the post without an envelope (but no damage). The colour of my photo is a bit out - the reverse is more pinky in reality. Two postcards from Kate in one week! Lucky me!
I thought that was going to be my only piece of post today but then the postlady came back again to bring me a parcel!

This parcel is a little damp at the edges but the contents were unscathed! I was expecting this to be a dotee doll from my swap at Fiber Art Traders but the parcel rattled! Hmmm! What could it be?

Here she is! My lovely Flamenco dancer from Kim in California! Isn't she pretty and doesn't she look happy? (Especially now she's out of that big envelope!). She has some lovely beads in her hair and on her dress and a full flamenco skirt. If you listen hard you can hear her castanets!

Her she is with her new friend, Felicity, who is still hanging on the door to the drinks cupboard! I'm now looking for names for a flamenco dancer. Ooooh! I think maybe Carmen fits the bill! You can also see that Kim very kindly sent me some embellishments and a tea infuser. How did she know I'm a regular 'teapot'? Thank you Kim for my beautiful gift. I promise I will keep her warm in our grotty winter here and enjoy lots of tea to warm me up!


sharon young said...

Oh lucky you. Carmen looks devine! I love her long beaded hair do, and the flowers, Flora's looking a bit sniffy, I think she thinks she's a little bit too exotic for a respectable English home LOL. She's way too enigmatic for such frivolity!
What a super tea infuser. My OH bought me one of those Whittard tea sets with the tea pot that sits in the cup, and the milk jug, sugar bowl and tea plate, about 3 xmas's ago. I think he thought I might use it once a year, but I use it every morning and pretend I'm Lady Astor!!!

DeeMom said...

WOW, what neat STUFF. They are all beautiful

Lesley said...

What a lovely parcel! Carmen is very lovely and looks quite at home on the drinks cupboard.
The tea infuser is really pretty too. I imagine you'll be having very civilised afternoon tea with that :)