Thursday, 6 December 2007

Party and Post

Phew! That was some party! I have never been to a cyber party before so I didn't know what to expect. Actually, at times it was hilarious. Dashing around in cyberspace trying to solve clues in a scavenger hunt and be the first one to post the answer. There were an average of 65+ people on the group site at any one time all chatting away and the post rate was phenomenal! I don't know how the organisers kept up with the whole thing! I entered the quizzes and scavenger hunts but I was waaaaay to slow and didn't win any prizes (yes, there were prizes too), but I got a present just for going - just like a party bag when you leave - it was a pattern for a padfolio. (Sssh, don't tell them, I already have one from Fibre & Stitch! but thank you anyway.)
Today brought a lovely surprise in the post. I had admired this postcard on Kate's blog and today it popped through my letterbox!

This card has come through the post as you can see and it is completely unharmed in the experience. It is fabric, skeleton leaf and stitching, machined to a paper backing. The foreground leaf has been foiled. Thank you Kate.
You would have thought, wouldn't you, that I would have gone spark out once I got to bed last night, after all that "partying"? No such luck! Every time I closed my eyes my brain was still surfing, hitting the refresh button and leaping from screen to screen! *LOL* Thank goodness my FAT (that's Fibre Art Traders) friends don't party tooooooo often!

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sharon young said...

Hi Julie
What a party you had , I'd be absolutely hopeless, have a job finding my way around a group with static posting LOL
Lovely post card and how amazing that it arrived in tact, I'd never have the courage to send mine without an envelope.
BTW what's a padfolio?