Wednesday, 5 December 2007

It's Party Time!

I have to be quick tonight and I may not get to visit all my favourite blogs because I am due at a cyber party at the Yahoo Group Fiber Art Traders. I haven't a clue how it's going to work but I'm told there's games, raffles, prizes and goodies so at 8.oo GMT I shall be sitting with my sherry (?) and party hat raring to go!

I am itching to show you the last set of ATCs I have done for the MixedMediaATC_UK group and I'm thinking I'm fairly safe to post them now as I have sent them off to Kate and with any luck she should have received them today. The theme was the 4 Elements, Earth, Wind, Fire and Water and we could use any medium to work in.

This is Fire and Earth, both of which were embellished with hand needle felters and then hand sewn round. I included the rusty key because (metal) things that lie in the ground become rusty and gradually decay. I also like rust!

These are Water and Air/Wind and are made with my new embellisher! They are edged with silver thread. I was completely stuck for how to do air but once I started playing with the embellisher this piece appeared.

I have been playing with the embellisher today and have managed to break my first needle! Boo Hoo! I've only had the machine a couple of weeks so I hope this is not going to be a regular occurance. I think it was my own fault - I was machining the foiled cloth again and I think I was working too quickly. Fortunately I've got another 5 needle unit and also a replacement unit where you can change individual needles.

This piece is going to be made into 2 dotee dolls. the photo doesn't show it to its full effect as it has a lovely shimmer from organzas.

This is the fused fabric that I machined with gold thread and was going to blast with the heat gun but I decided to embellish it instead. Again, it has angelina and organza on it and does not show up well in this photo.

Finally, I was inspired by Anna to embellish some Christmas trees.

I embellished various yarns, organzas and sheers onto green kunin felt and then cut it into triangles. I still have to sew a few beads and decorations on. I think then they will be made into cards.


DeeMom said...

The 4 Elements WOW

OK what are dotee dolls?

The trees are delightful…wish I could touch them…they look like they MUST feel GOOD

Angelcat said...

Your elements ATCs are just stunning!

Susan D said...

You're hooked on the embellisher now aren't you? I broke my first needle the other day as well but carried on using it and it didn't seem to make much difference. It may do if I break a few more needles!!!

sharon young said...

What a lovely collection of ATC's, Julie, I love the addition of the rusted key, and the air and wind are totally beautiful, must be seen in close up to get the best benefit.
Your embellishing skills are really taking off!! I wouldn't worry about the broken needle, after all you can't call yourself a horse rider till you've fallen off!

Judy Scott said...

Your atcs are beautiful and show the elements so well, the fabric for the dotee dolls is gorgeous really beautiful colours cant wait to see the dolls.

I hope youve had a wonderful party tonight and had lots of fun, Judy x

Gina said...

I love that collection of ATCs Julie. can tell you're having fun with the embellisher!

Purple Missus said...

You have really got to grips with your embellisher - those ATC's are all very good.
Hope you enjoyed your party :)