Thursday, 6 December 2007


I just wanted to say a BIG Thank You to everyone who leaves comments here. It is lovely to get comments and I really appreciate every one of them. I do try to answer comments where an answer is needed but sometimes a comment may get overlooked for a reply.

I have got a bit of a problem with this at the moment. I usually get an email from blogger forwarding the comment to my email inbox but, unfortunately, I recently hit the spam button by mistake when I was deleting a comment which had no email reply address (they usually come through as no-reply at ). Doh! So now I don't get notified of comments where you don't have email enabled on blogger.

If you don't have your email in your profile I do try and find it so that I can reply or leave a comment on your blog or leave a reply after your comment on my blog. If I do happen to miss a comment that hasn't reached my inbox I hope you will forgive me.

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