Wednesday, 12 December 2007

New Arrivals

Yippee! They're here! Look who arrived today!

May I introduce to you, Mungo and Maud. They have come all the way from Cambridgeshire where they were created by Gina . They were rather worried on Sunday as it was raining and they were faced with leaving the warmth of their fireside for a journey into the unknown! But they were very brave and faced 3 days locked in a jiffy bag in the dark, a journey on a train, hours in sorting offices and vans, being thrown about until a kind postman handed them to my DH.

It was all a bit confusing, there were so many new friends to meet

Then Bertie decided he wanted a personal photo call to welcome two new friends to keep him company

Bertie hoped noone would notice that he had snaffled the chocolate buttons Gina had sent - (Grumbles Bertie -"there's been a distinct lack of liquorice allsorts in this house!")

Mungo and Maud very quickly found the sewing machine! They'd seen something like this before, when they were born!

They were beginning to feel at home now and thought they'd watch a bit of telly-

"Phew" said Mungo "I'm feeling a bit weary. I think I could do with a lie down. It's been a long few days."

"I think that's a good idea" agreed Maud

"Mungo, at least it's not raining in Lincolnshire today"

"Very true, Maud. Maybe we'll stay, then"

"Maybe we will." :))


Gina very kindly also sent me

I shall put the heart on the Christmas tree when it goes up and as you have already seen the buttons have been purloined by Bertie.
Gina, thank you so much for my wonderful new friends and the beautiful brooch and heart. And as for chocolate buttons! I know a little bear who is going to be getting a little chat about sharing! :) Hehehe!


Gina said...

I love all the pictures of Mungo and Maud... did make me laugh! And I'm very pleased they have arrived unscathed.

sharon young said...

Hi julie
Thank you soooooo... much for news of your new arrivals, I love them! ( really I couldn't stop laughing
:-) it was a good job my OH was out!! ) I'm glad you put the pic up of where they all live i was wondering about that.
Bertie certainly lived up to expectations, naughty boy!!
I hope Mungo and Maud have a good night's sleep, they look pretty tired after their adventure!
You should write a book, for demented adults like me LOL

Lesley said...

I cannot believe that Mungo and Maud are so well co-ordinated with the Countdown set!! Now we really know what Gina does with her afternoons!!
Bertie looks very happy with his new partners in crime. Is your daughter really going to have one of them or have they got their socky feet under your table?