Thursday, 13 December 2007

Busy busy busy

Our tree is still in the loft but this tree from the church festival is decorated with eggboxes and paper stars! Ingenious!
I have had a busy day but don't have anything impressive to show. I did make a notebook cover this morning but I forgot to photograph it so I'll try and remember tomorrow. I had a play on the embellisher (with its broken needle) as I had a small project in mind and I'm quite pleased with the piece I've made.

This doesn't look much but the piece on the right is the start of embellishing the shetland carded wool I bought at Harrogate onto wool batting. There are 3 colours here. I think the other material is a silk or maybe taffetta that I decided to distress to see what would happen. It distressed very easily and has a lovely loopy texture. I shall play with this again.

This is the embellished wool sample with additions made. I added scrim in several colours, organza, dyed cotton (which disintegrated beautifully) and chiffon and have now cut this up to make ATCs which will have handstitching and beading added.
For some reason I felt impelled to get some of the Christmas food shopping in today. I couldn't face the thought of probably panicking next week so our turkey crown and trimmings are now safely in the freezer and I feel I've taken some of the pressure off myself. I've made a token gesture towards getting the housework done ready for Mum coming - I've cleared my sewing stuff off her chair so she can sit down! All I have to do now is clear all my sewing gear out of the back room and put Mum's bed up then clean through, finish buying presents, deliver said presents and cards, put up the tree, go to an art workshop on Saturday (Yay!), go food shopping again, make 3 ATCs for a swap due this month and 3 postcards for a swap due next month, finish the project I started today and keep blogging! Hmmmm! Plenty of time yet! *LOL


DeeMom said...

Ya can do the embellishing thing to carded wool?

Carding and the entire wool process thing is such a thing, my best female friend for @ 30 years is a spinner and weaver…
I am more and more impressed Julie

mrsnesbitt said...

Hey Julie.....sign up and get your shopping delivered! Mine is coming on 22nd so am well sorted here! Infact, just about to do an interim shop now...all from the comfort os my study!


Into the Blystic said...

the sample is beautiful! looking forward to seeing the ATC's that it becomes! Happy Holidays... you are obviously getting in the mood! lol!

Lesley said...

I hope you have a great time at your art workshop. That sounds like heaven at this time of year. I love your embellisher work. I have plans for mine in the new year. I'm so caught up in the 'have to do's' that I haven't had much time for any 'want to do's' recently!
Roll on Christmas :)

sharon young said...

Hi julie
That's some , to do list!! I haven't even thought xmas food shopping yet!
I'm not surprised your running out of time with all these new house guests that keep arriving and need urgent resuscitation after their ordeals in the jiffy bags!!
Your embellishing sample is lovely, very rust LOL.
Thanks for dropping by the blog. Mike will be pleased his robins have gone down well

DeeMom said...

Julie, I just sent you a really neat pattern in e-mail. When I saw it I thought of your dolls and your ability to embelish

Hope it is something you can use

Shirley Goodwin said...

Love the embellishing, I must get my machine out and put the new needles in.

Vivian said...

the textures of felt are wonderful