Tuesday, 11 December 2007

More Christmas Trees

I meant to post a Christmas Tree every day in lieu of an advent calender but have failed woefully up to now. These trees were at the church festival we went to the other weekend. The tree above has all the ingredients for a Christmas Cake crowned by a slice of said cake.

The angels on this tree were all made on dolly pegs - the old-style pegs that push onto the washing on the line, not the sprung ones.

This pretty tree had ornaments made from patchwork.

We haven't put our tree up yet. I think it will probably be the middle of next week before it goes up as I have to have a serious blitz of the house before my Mum gets here. There's still nowhere for her to sit or sleep at the moment! Mostly because my art stuff is everywhere! Help!

I took my friend out for a shopping trip today (she's had a knee replacement 7 weeks ago) (no this isn't a photo of my friend! ;)) and called in for some lunch when we got back to find Benji bear looking very festive with his coronet! PG obviously approved! These monkeys get everywhere!!! *LOL*


sharon young said...

Hi Julie
You really must stop posting these hilariously funny toy blogs, they have me in stitches, I'm a real sucker for toys /animals that have a life/personality of their own!!!
Isn't the coronet a bit girly for Benji, or is this a girl bear with a boy's name? How's Berie BTW I haven't notice you mention him lately , hope he's not OD'd on LA's.
Thanks for the comment on the CSL post, It's all an act for the camera, Beth never has attitude with me, she saves that for her Mum LOL

Gina said...

Lovely trees. Ours is not up yet either. My PG monkey got stolen by Jacob... he used to sit in my workroom.

Gina said...

PS The monkey... not Jacob!