Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Testing pix

Just testing to see if blogger will enlarge this pic. It is a door in Manthorpe village just outside Grantham.

Driftwood in our garden - I think it's a root actually that DH preferred stood on end.
So far so good. Apparently if you don't specify a placement for the picture blogger will enlarge it. It seems to throw a strop when you move the pix around. We shall see whether this theory holds up!


Anne Wigfull said...

Your photos enlarged beautifully,Julie. I always cut and paste them after downloading because no matter where I want them to go they just appear at the top of the page, and so far they have always enlarged satifactorily. How do you specify where they should go?

Susan D said...

Thanks for the tip on getting photos to enlarge. This is much quicker than the method I'd been using.

Doreen G said...

It's funny Julie but different things work for different people.
Blogger seems to have a mind of it's own when it comes to pictures.
I alway have mine set to the centre position and I download the photos first then add the text after all the photos are downloaded.
The photos that you want at the bottom of the page are loaded first and the one for the top of the post is loaded last.
The only time that I have not been able to get clickables is if I move the photo to another position.
Hope that helps.