Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Studio time and special effects

You'll never believe it! I actually set foot in my outside studio (fondly called "the shed") today and actually managed to get some work done. I think I'll wait until I've progressed the various pieces before I post them here. So far I've been working on making more fabric paper, painting bondaweb and starting a background for some winter themed ATCs. All will be revealed - eventually.

Every time I go out to my shed I see this little wallhanging that I made at least 6 or 7 years ago. It is made of various hand made papers, cloth, silk paper and found objects and is no bigger than A4. It was the first time I had attempted anything of this type and I think my longing to work in mixed media and fibre dates from this time.

I was checking out Susan D's blog earlier on and she has been doing some exciting manipulations in photoshop. Susan very generously put instructions on her blog and I have had a little play myself.

This rose becomes

And this quince

becomes this

The background texture in this now looks for all the world like heat treated cellophane. I am sure that this treatment of photographs would bring out some fantastic textures and shapes with the right picture.
To achieve this line effect in Photoshop you click on image - mode - grayscale to get a black and white image and then click on filters - stylize -find edges. I made some adjustments to brightness and contrast. I am sure there must be lots of other effects you can play with. Thank you, Susan for your original post.
PS Don't look now but all my pics seem to be enlarging. Yay!


liz said...

Hi Julie, just catching up with blogs tonight, love your wallhanging,
I saw your post about the searchers, did you see this

Doreen G said...

I must try this Julie it looks interesting.

Judy Scott said...

wonderful results using photoshop I must have a play, I love your first hanging, its wonderful to have your first ever piece greeting you. I go out to the 'garage' to play !!!! Jx

Gina said...

Great effects on photoshop Julie. Lots of inspiration there!

Purple Missus said...

That PSP technique that Susan shared with us is amazing isn't it? I too have been having a play with it.
Your little wall hanging has certainly stood the test of time.

imac said...

Who's a clever DW then.:)

mrsnesbitt said...

Oooooooooooooooh a shed eh? Hubby has just re-built the shed! Wow all his pals are so jealous.

Just off for a walk on this cold day, trying to get warm.
Have fun.

The Wittering Rainbow said...

I've never tried photoshop although I've seen and read lots about people who have huge successes playing around with their photos. Your blog has made me want to put a couple of hours aside to play around - love the effects you've got with your photos.