Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Tah Dah!

And the winner is....................Sharon! Congratulations, Sharon. When I have exercised my creative talents (?) I promise I will send you a gift to celebrate my 100th post.. I'll try not to take too long about it *LOL* Unfortunately I am well known as the Queen of the Prevaricators! or, the Queen of Displacement Activity! Here are the pics of my DH drawing your name from my favourite jug

Does my arm look big in this?

I have got your address from your website so watch out for the postman soon-ish!

I really love the jug in the pics above. It was made at the Gwili Pottery in Carmarthen, Wales and it is signed Pru Grum (I think, I can't quite read the signature). I don't know how old it is - I bought it at an antiques fair at RAF Swinderby at least 7 years ago, probably more.

I've not had time for art today. Yesterday evening I had a phone call from an old friend who was going to be in the area today so she said she would call in. I've mentioned her on the blog before, she used to work with my mum years ago. Her name is Nancy and we had a lovely couple of hours chatting. When I knew Nancy was coming last night I set to and made her a dotee doll.

I can't believe I actually managed to make the whole thing in one evening. Maybe I should work to a deadline more often :o))


Annabel said...

Pru Grum?? Are you sure? (vbg) Deadlines are good and I need more of them.

Gina said...

That Dotee doll is gorgeous Julie... looking forward to our swap even more!!