Sunday, 25 November 2007

Christmas Parade

It's been a quiet day chez nous today but we did pop into town this afternoon for the start of the town's Christmas celebrations. Unfortunately we were a bit late going down and so my few photos are rather haphazard. Even being married to an ace photographer doesn't mean our sorties are always successful! Lol! We had a very pleasant wander through the market and small funfair and I was sorely tempted by the hot chocolate with brandy stall! Sadly I was driving (yes, I know we should have walked down!) so I contented myself with a plain hot chocolate. It was delicious tho!

We were just in time to catch the (small) parade which went thro town led by a Band of Pipers and the Bourne Borderers Morris Dancers.

Our Mayor and his Lady riding in the Land Train in the parade.

The children who brought up the rear of the parade were taking their duties very seriously - bless! The parade culminated in a short service when the lights and festivities were blessed and the main Christmas lights were turned on by a local child and the Town Mayor.

This is our Guildhall and also houses the theatre where we went to see Battlefield Band last night.

Of course no Christmas parade would be complete without Father Christmas!

My DH has done stirling work today painting the ceiling of my studio. Unfortunately, while I was out, he made himself giddy bending down and up again and had a bit of a funny turn so I stopped him when I got back from shopping. Poor owd thing! He's ok now, nothing can keep him from his blogging!


Gina said...

Looked like a lovely day out Julie. Hot chocolate sounds wonderful!

imac said...

I finished the job today too.

sharon young said...

Hi Julie
What a lovely set of pics, really gave the flavour of your day out!
Sorry to hear about you DH's funny turn , hope all's OK now and you're almost back in your studio.
Many thanks for you encouraging remarks re the exhibition.
It was a great do, but I'm glad to be back to normal and enjoying some space! Well, tomorrow anyway, I spent all day today processing sales.
Looking forward to doing some creative stuff again.