Monday, 26 November 2007


I've finally managed to catch up with (the bulk of) my outstanding swaps so I can now post the pics for you:

I have woven and painted watercolour paper in a dark maroon colour and then brushed on gold, silver and copper markal oil sticks (Shiva). After that I dropped in magenta and indigo airbrush paints (inks) and finally finger-brushed on a small amount ot Treasure Gold to add highlights.

This weaving is made from various fibres, painted hessian, fruit netting, metallic effect material, paper ribbon, silk paper,tyvek, a label which had pulled fleece on it, painted nappy liner and braid. The fruit netting bag melted when I bonded the piece onto vilene to hold it all together. Finally I randomly stitched on beads to secure any loose pieces.

I cheated a bit with this one! I had painted this watercolour of a tropical fish sometime ago and never finished it so I chose the most finished area and cut it horizontally. I then cut the vertical strips from the background and wove them thro. His eyes a bit fearsome but I quite like this one.

I have received another pincushion today from the Fibre Art Traders swap.

This pretty pincushion is from Deb at Fibre Art Traders. I love the beading on it and the turquoise and orange work so well together. Just as an aside, when I was painting in watercolour I often used (pale) orange and blue when painting tree trunks as these two colours are complimentaries and work well together. I'll try and find an example in my sketchbooks and post it tomorrow.
My dear DH has finished painting my studio ceiling so tomorrow is the grand move back in and re-organise! Sheeeeesh! Thank goodness DH has taken a couple of days off work to help me with all this. He's a treasure!

I've just got one more trade to finish off but I can't show you that till the recipient has received it.

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Into the Blystic said...

Hi Julie the weavings are beautiful! The top one is very rich looking! love the colour choices!