Monday, 29 October 2007

You know you're tired when

you try to put your fish pie into the fridge to cook! Doh! I think I probably overdid things today. As it was a lovely sunny day I got all enthusiastic and decided to venture to our local out of town superstore for a mooch round their craft section. I bought a few embellishments and checked out some prices ready for going to the Hobbycraft Exhibition at the NEC in a couple of weeks. I couldn't resist taking a couple of pix of the sky which looked beautiful.

If you look carefully you might be able to see a shopping trolley in the sky. How did that get there? LOL
After a long wander round (it's as big store) and a new pair of shoes (no, not because I wore mine out walking round), I had to go to the supermarket on the way home and was on the point of collapse by the time I got back - well it felt like the point of collapse. So I did collapse, on the settee with a cuppa and a browse through my emails and a few blogs. Fortunately I had a lazy tea (meal for one), once I realised I needed to cook it in the oven not the fridge, as my DH is on afternoon shift this week.
I would like to thank everyone who has been leaving comments on my blog recently and for all the great hints and tips about FME. It's really lovely to have your comments and I really appreciate all the kind comments I've had. Thank you all.
No art to show today but I must just tell you, I had a parcel from my mum today. She's a very sprightly 82 and has just been on a coach holiday with her friends so she sent me a video of the holiday and a bookmark. Well, it started out as a bookmark, her letter ended in a PS "Sorry the bookmark turned into a coaster!!!" You can see where I get it from can't you? *LOL*


imac said...

Yes my Dear.

Anne Wigfull said...

Fish pie in the fridge...snigger!! Not quite up to my standard of pouring water into the tea caddy but you're getting there, keep on practicing :-}

sharon young said...

Hi Julie
At least you dodn't put the dinner in the bin!
I've just found your blog as I'm slowly working my way thru the FAMM members.
Love the pic of your DH, is he imac? if so he has a lovely blog with some great butterfly pics, I spend half my life watching my DH perform similar athletic feats as he's one of the barmy photographers too!
Thanks for commenting on our post Ben will be delighted.
I will be back for a longer look, must go and catch up on some much needed housework, yuk, dirty word!

Gina said...

I do that sort of thing all the time Julie! No hope really!!!

Kerri said...

This sky shot is superb! Have you always had a creative spirit?? or is that something that has come later in life? When younger I never had a thought about creativity... I thought that gene had gone to my other siblings. I find as I get older I have the NEED to create things (not that I'm very good at it)