Sunday, 28 October 2007

Slothful Sunday

I came onto my laptop at about 10 this morning planning to quickly blog and then get on with something and, 3 hours later I'm still here! I had a box full of e-mails and that led me to several other sites, you know how it is, and here I am, still typing! I have done a little sewing this morning but I can't show you the result for a couple of days until the item concerned reaches someone special - she may be looking in!

I've finished my book cover made with the fabric paper that I made for the Fibre & Stitch challenge. I say "finished", I am not overly happy with it as i would have liked to make a better job of the edging and I don't like the frilly ribbons I've included which were supposed to be used as bookmarks. I would do this differently next time. At least it got me using my new sewing machine. After I had painted the fabric and applied Treasure Copper I painted it with two coats of slightly watered down PVA (which I read somewhere is the equivalent of mod podge) which has made it look almost leather-like. I am now using it as a cover for my Cornish Journal but will replace that with a blank journal next time we go on holiday.

I must just show you this. I was just wondering where my DH was as I couldn't hear him moving about and went to look for him. I found him outside:

No, he's not dead (Thank God!) he's busy photographing some fungi that have sprouted up on the front lawn! I hope noone's called an ambulance! *LOL*

I had a proper play with the new sewing machine yesterday and feel a little more confident about using it.

Most of the stitches on the machine seem to be variations on zigzag but there are several options for edging stitches. I had a little go at Free Machining but I didn't get on very well as I didn't have a hoop. My dear friend Lynda has sent me some tips to help so I will try again as soon as I get a hoop. Thank you Lynda!

I had another rotten night last night. My brain was whirling round like I don't know what and again, I couldn't stop coughing. Why does that happen? Very little coughing during the day then all hell let loose as soon as you lie down! What a pain!
Right! I must get on. 50 blogs to catch up with and then sewing! *LOL*


morningDove said...

Your hubby is really into or should I say on to something. Hope the pics turn out great. Was he taking them for your art work?

Gunnels blog said...

Sometimes I think the blogging and the computers take too much time from us! Maybe we would do it in the other way, first go to our sewingmachine, or what we are creating, and then to the computer???? I think I will promise me self that for next year!

Julie said...

Hi Morningdove, thank you for your comment. No, my husband was taking the photos for his own blog but I may borrow them if they inspire me!

imac said...

OK DW, Folks, to see what I was photographing --go to my blog, Its on DW list some where?

The Wittering Rainbow said...

Yes, he did look like he was in trouble. Good job there weren't any passing emergency services! Good luck with the free machining. I don't often use a hoop, but if I'm doing something in the middle of a quilt where there's a bit of drag, I use one half of the hoop slipped under the area I'm quilting. It's not attached or anything but it gives you something to grab and takes the pull off (Sally gave me that tip - it was on her blog)It's about relaxing and remembering to breathe. Do the stitching fast but the moving slow. A drink helps I think! vbg

Gina said...

Book looks great Julie. Couldn't stop laughing at the picture of DH... glad he was okay and only taking photographs though!!! Free machining... practise on fabric with something like felt as a backing and lower your top tension slightly... and relax!!! (You'll be fed up with all the "good advice" you're getting soon!)

Julie said...

Thank you both for the advice Gina and Annabel I need all the help I can get! I like the sound of a drink! Better keep my fingers out if the way tho *LOL*

Carol said...

The book is fabulous Julie, love the colours as well,
good luck with your free machining, I prefer not to use a hoop, and if its a fine fabric I stick some soluble fabric under neath the piece

Anne Wigfull said...

Julie, if you are not quilting a huge piece, you might find it easier not to use a hoop. My own personal favourite is two small squares of the rubbery stuff used to stop things sliding around. Over the years I have tried those horseshoe shaped gadgets, finger cots, gardening gloves with dots on the fingers and palms. I prefer the rubbery squares over them all, and when my arthriticy hands need a change of position I use some Norwegian formula hand cream (if it's good enough for Diane Gaudinski, it's good enough for me:})Somewhere in the September archives on my blog there is a photo of my 10 year old DGD's first effort at FMQ. Deb Wagner's book Traditional quilts, Todays Techniques is *wonderful*, beg borrow or steal it, it's like a detailed sewing machine manual and you will never be wary of your machine again:}

mrsnesbitt said...

Are you sure he isn't sniffing the mushrooms/fungi? Looks a little weird to me, a proper yorkshire lass who CAN play the spoons! LOL!

Watch out for the postman!

Into the Blystic said...

Hi Julie
I think the book cover is beeeautiful... I love the vibrant colours [especially purple!!! lol] namaste Elis

Amanda said...

Love your bookcover Julie. Have you tried using acrilyic wax instead of watered down PVA? It gives a lovely feel, not too shiny or slippery.