Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Happy Birthday to Laura

It's a special day today. My beautiful stepdaughter Laura is rather older today than she was when these photos were taken! But she's still on the right side of 30, bless her. I don't think she looks in here very often so I may get away with showing this pic of her at 4 years old, with attitude! LOL The second photo is of her with her Dad taken a bit later the same year. Sadly Laura's Dad died when she was 15 but he would be very proud of her if he could see the lovely woman she has grown into. Happy Birthday, Laura!

Now that Laura's birthday is here I can show you the secret from the other day. Dotee dolls are all the rage on the Fibre Art Traders yahoo group that I belong to and you can read about them on the site of the lady who originally designed them here. Here is my first attempt which I sent Laura for her birthday.

I am really pleased with how this doll has turned out and I shall be making some more. I think they could become quite addictive!

We were at the hospital this morning for a problem my DH has. They have decided to carry on keeping an eye on him for another 6 months and then review the situation, so nothing nasty is going to happen for the moment. It's one of those cases where blood tests suggest something may be going on but biopsies don't show anything up. At least if something does start up they should catch it early.

No artwork to show from today. I have been working on my feather stitch ATCs for a swap I'm in but they're not quite finished yet. I seem to have a lot of swaps going on at the moment. I'm not committed to all of them but I have got 10 on my list to be completed by the first week in December! Have I taken on too mcuh? Quite probably. Do I have time for blogging? Absolutely!

Watch this space - I'm staking out the doormat for some postal deliveries!


Dot said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and going in my Dotee doll giveaway! I LOVE the Dotee doll you have made for your daughter Laura! You have done a great job. What beautiful colors and fabrics yopu have used. And I adore the butterflies too.

Dot xx

P.S They are VERY addictive :) Which is why I keep making them he heh..

sharon young said...

Hi Julie
What a lovely surprise for your daughter, aren't they fun!
I may have to make one for one of my grandaughters, or teach her how to do it. Will go and have alook at the insrtructions, I need to catch up with this one, as I've neglected her a bit lately , helping her sister get her fashion designer aspirations off the ground!

Gina said...

Your dotee doll is beautiful Julie... I'm sure it will be very much appreciated. Happy Birthday Laura!

The Wittering Rainbow said...

Ah, that's lovely. Something to keep forever!